About Terri K Page

I'm Terri K.

Welcome to Terri2Kool.com! For 5 years, since 2012, I have been blogging inconsistently. But as 2017 comes to an end and my lifestyle takes a complete 180, I have decided to blog full-time! This is the place for you to read my blog posts, watch my video content, and go through this new journey with me.

Let me share my story with you. I first started blogging while I was studying at Spelman College. Back then I shared my opinion on political topics and relationships. At the time I was preparing for life after graduation. I had no real direction for life. I just knew writing was the best way to express myself.

Let’s fast forward to 2017. Currently, I am ‘unemployed’ and experimenting with the digital nomad/freelancer lifestyle. It was an inevitable situation that I was prepared for mentally, not so financially. The joys of being 20-something and not knowing a thing about life, still! With more ‘free time’ on my hand, I have decided to blog full-time and see where this goes.

What will you blog about? I will be sharing with you some of the things I have learned about life that have helped me to be content during a season of uncertainty. I’m a reformed party animal who has come to respect being alone without being lonely. You can anticipate content on how I navigate the world being a single, Christian woman who desires to be married without compromising her standards and values.

What to do next? Be sure to stay connected with me via The Kool Krew. You can expect weekly emails from me with a bit of inspiration to help you start your week. I’m a recovering social media addict. You can find me ranting on Twitter, posting gems on Instagram, randomly showing my day on Snapchat, hoarding life hacks on Pinterest, and helping people learn social media on YouTube. Join me on your favourite social media platforms today!

PS. Remember to hang out with me here online daily, weekly, or whenever you need your next kool fix!