3 Things I Learned About Life After Hurricane Irma

3 Things I Learned About Life After Hurricane Irma

I have lived through and seen plenty of hurricanes in my 28 years on this planet. The destruction that these storm systems can leave behind is remarkable. Being in the United States for the past 7 years during the height of the Atlantic hurricane season. It has been easy for me to ignore the paths of named storms. Unless they were on their way to Bermuda of course.

Earlier this week Irma became the most catastrophic named storm to date. She wrecked havoc on lands of my Caribbean brothers and sisters. To those of Barbuda, Saint Barthélemy, Saint Martin, Anguilla and the Virgin Islands – you are in my prayers.

With limited connectivity and power for a mere 12 hours, I attempted to get updates on Irma via social media. Let’s say the enemy knows when and where to attack your spirit. It was a mere 5 minutes before I was reading complaints from Georgians about being without power.

Reading through the posts got me to thinking about gratitude, humility, and patience. I am guilty of lacking in one or more of these virtues at any given time. While it is not an intentional practice of mines. I do find myself ungrateful, arrogant and impatient when things do not go my way.

3 Things I Learned About Life After Hurricane Irma

Thanks to Irma’s potential for destruction in Atlanta, I received 2 days off from work. I used those 48 hours to rest, relax, and reflect. Here’s 3 things I learned about life after Hurricane Irma:


You have heard it before, attitude of gratitude. I like it because it rhymes. It makes it easier to remember and resonate with. Looking at the devastation Irma had on parts of the Caribbean. After only 12 hours of being without power, I was more than grateful for that to be my battle story.


There is no one of us on this planet that is better than another person. This time I was in Atlanta during Hurricane Irma with minimal damage. The next time it could be me having to rebuild my life due to a natural disaster. I’m here counting blessings.


We live in a society that craves instant gratification. There are times when we expect immediate responses from people and businesses. Despite that being an unrealistic expectation.


These life lessons are not new to any of us. As a matter of fact, they are things we encourage each other to keep in mind daily. We speak of these 3 virtues in positive manners. Yet we often forget them when one minuscule thing goes wrong in our lives.

I will be the first person to let you know that I am flawed beyond measure. There will come a day and time when I will need to return back to this message. For whatever reason, the devil will tell me a lie that I will believe. While I am not perfect, I am intentional.

Every chance I get, I am making an effort to be a little bit better today than I was yesterday. I hope you find encouragement in this post. I trust that you will do whatever you need to do to keep those who are less fortunate than you in mind.

Before you complain about the luxury that you are without for whatever reason. Be it electricity, Wifi, hot water, or any other luxury of the First World. Remember those people who would be thankful to have any one of those ‘first world problems’.

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