Proverbs Reading Challenge: A Journey of Wisdom

Proverbs Reading Challenge: A Journey of Wisdom

Proverbs is by far my favourite book of the Bible! I only came to that conclusion earlier this year. In March 2017, I decided to read the entire book on the advice of my Small Group sister, Alicia. Reading it was phenomenal. There are many gems of wisdom, practical advice and knowledge that you gain after reading this book.

Why Did I Read Proverbs?

Earlier this year I was struggling with the change in my life. A relationship that I invested years of time, energy and effort into was on it’s way out. It was (and still is, lowkey) difficult to let go of. I wanted it to last forever. It was one I believed would stand the test of time. Being faced with the reality that what I planned was not coming to fruition was difficult.

In addition to that, my time living and working in the USA was coming to an end. Although I knew it was always a possibility. There was a little bit of hope within me that believed God’s plan for my life included the USA permanently.

With these two challenges on my mind, I needed something to tether myself to. Trying to do it on my own was not yielding the results I wanted nor was I feeling content with my situation.

Proverbs Reading Challenge: A Journey of Wisdom

How Did I Read Proverbs?

There are thirty-one (31) chapters in the book of Proverbs. Because I decided to read it in March, I read a chapter a day. That was the best method for me. It allowed me to forget about remembering where I was in my reading. All I had to do was check my phone for the date and I knew what chapter I needed to read that day.

For me that was important. Reading some Bible plans is overwhelming. Trying to remember my progress in the plan leads me to repeat reading certain sections. I get discouraged when I cannot remember my place. By the end of it, I give up and miss out on God’s word!

Proverbs Reading Challenge

If you are dealing with a difficult situation in your life, that you feel requires some guidance and wisdom. I would highly recommend you read Proverbs. I am making a pledge to read it during EVERY month that has thirty-one (31) days. You can join me on this journey by entering your details below. You will receive a FREE guide to assist you!

I wish you all the best as you take the next step to overcoming obstacles placed before you in life. Feel free to comment below when you have joined the challenge! Let me know:

  • Where you are joining from
  • If you have read the book of Proverbs in its entirety before

My goal is to build a supportive community for each of us during the journey.

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  1. I definitely want to try this! In simplest terms, I’m going through it and some wisdom wouldn’t hurt. Thank you for sharing!#BLMGirl

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