R&B Singer, Kehlani’s Debut Album SweetSexySavage Is My 2017 Vision Board

SweetSexySavage: R&B Singer, Kehlani's Debut Album Is My 2017 Vision Board

I have been trying to find a way to talk about my 2017 vision board. Then BAE dropped her debut album, SweetSexySavage! And there it was. A way for me to talk about my 2017 vision board and do an album review on SweetSexySavage. #WINNING

My first official blog was then1989. It was a blog where I wrote about my love of Caribbean music. I had some personal posts on there, as well. All the personal posts now live here on T2K.com. But the music blog posts are in an XML document waiting to be loaded to my music blog. If I ever relaunch one!

Full disclosure. This blog post will not be your typical music review. I will not break down the nuances of the album, name drop producers. Nor will I even describe any of Kehlani’s visuals to you. I will link where appropriate.

But, in this blog post, I¬†share my vision for 2017 and how Kehlani’s debut album speaks to it! If you are looking for a traditional album review of SweetSexySavage. I would recommend you read this post.

Now, let’s get to MY post!

Let’s Talk About The Title, SweetSexySavage

For years, I have been a fan of Rihanna. She was the island girl who started when she was 16. I was 14 at the time. So, she represented for island girls who were trying to leave home. How to pursue their dreams!

When Rihanna dropped ANTI last year and I heard the song “Needed Me“. I remember feeling like my inner-self was throwing her middle fingers up at my exes. To all the guys that rejected me while I was growing up because I was not what they were looking for back then. I felt the savage energy Rihanna was singing about in that song.

But, I couldn’t 100% get behind the idea of being selfish emotionally towards other people. I still STAN for Rihanna. But I knew I didn’t want the savage energy to take over my entire spirit. THEN CAME KEHLANI.

SweetSexySavage: R&B Singer, Kehlani's Debut Album Is My 2017 Vision Board
Photo from Instagram: @kehlani

I first heard Kehlani’s music on Spotify. It was her single “The Way” ft. Chance the Rapper. Kehlani, who is 21 now, seemed to create music that matched more of spirit at the time.

Now with the release of her debut album, SweetSexySavage. I am convinced that in my current season of my life. This album is the musical representation of my vision board.

SweetSexySavage: R&B Singer, Kehlani's Debut Album Is My 2017 Vision Board

The person that told me about Kehlani’s album release is someone I have shared music with for years! He is/was a DJ depending on the day you ask him. We’ve exchanged music back and forth over the years. But, I’m not sure if he had any idea what Kehlani’s album, SweetSexySavage, would mean for me.

I can bet the reason he shared that information with me is because he knows I love Kehlani’s music. FUN FACT: That is the name I want to name one of my daughters. Yes, spoiler I plan to have more than 1 kid!

How Does SweetSexySavage Represent My Vision Board?

The 19-track deluxe album expressed a lot of the feelings I have been dealing with since August 2016. At 27 years-old, I am still growing into the woman I am meant to be. Every day I learn something new about myself and those around me. I have found myself becoming more aware in my relationships.

Kehlani describes each song on the album:

For me, that resonated on a deeper level. I couldn’t see myself saying, “I love her music, The songs are great!” It was more than that to me.

A general census of the people that know me would result in a vast majority of them saying I am a sweet person. As a woman, it is easier for me to be selfless. Without much hesitation, I can put the needs of others before my own. Thanks to my Christian upbringing. As well as attending a Seventh-Day Adventist school from Kindergarten to Grade 5.

And The Other 2 Elements…

The sexy element. You would have to speak with the guys I’ve dated in the past. And some guys who may have wanted to date me but never took the chance to ask me out. Sexiness comes from confidence. Over the past 10 years. Since I graduated from high school. I have battled with building my self-esteem. Finding my inner badass chick. While remaining as “sweet” as possible.

Finally, the savagery! You might also have to speak to the guys I used to date. And the guys I rejected. My zodiac sign is Gemini. If you have met someone under this sign. You have had an encounter with their alter ego. Mine alter ego is a SAVAGE. She is selfish. Only looking out for herself. Not giving a second thought to the feelings of others. I try not to be ‘Savage Terri’ too often. But, when provoked the beast can come out (AKA The Hulk).

SweetSexySavage: R&B Singer, Kehlani's Debut Album Is My 2017 Vision Board

What Is My Vision for 2017?

I have a word that I am focusing on this year. It is contentment. We live in a world. In a society. That focuses on instant gratification. Social media is the best example of this. We post¬†photos of ourselves. Then we wait for people to like and comment on them. We fall into moments of depression if not enough people like the post. Getting upset if that one special someone didn’t like it or comment on it.

After listening to SweetSexySavage. I realised in that moment I needed to hear Kehlani’s words. Kehlani sings about wanting more from a relationship. She speaks on not getting lost in a relationship. The R&B singer shares her gratitude for those you supported her.

These 3 themes alone summarised where I am in my life when it comes to my emotional well being.

With resistance, I took the advice of the same DJ who shared this album with me. Which Kehlani speaks on in her song “Advice”. I loved this album so much. That I am taking my favourite songs. The ones that resonated with me the most and I blogging about them individually.

Listen to SweetSexySavage

I love Spotify. As a result, I have included the streaming link to Kehlani’s debut album below. You can also stream it via Apple Music or download it via iTunes.

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  1. I love your interpretation of Kehlani’s album SweetSexySavage. So much of her artistry reminds me of the 90’s era when girl group TLC released CrazySexyCool. It’s all a beautiful cycle. As millennial women (wow WOMEN), we take on so many roles. Good music is definitely the balance for me. Thank you for sharing how this epic EP made you into the woman you wanted to be in 2017. I expect more great content #GOALS in 2018. Best wishes sis.

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