10 Reasons Why It Is Important to Be Openminded

10 Reasons Why It Is Important to Be Openminded

Being open-minded is a quality trait to have. We are born into a world of differences. People have differences of opinion. We have differences in culture. People have different societal norms.

With that as a collective, we should challenge ourselves daily to be tolerant of those around us.

While I, too, struggle with being consistent with my open-mindedness. I thought it was important to communicate with you 10 reasons why I believe it is great to have an open mind. FYI. Click the reason to read more about it!

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[bs_citem title=”1. It creates your fearless Self” id=”citem_39ae-c63e” parent=”collapse_76be-e2fe”]

We all know the acronym for FEAR = Forget Everything And Run. Or what about False Evidence Appearing Real?

The way you view fear is how it controls you. Have you noticed how after the moment has passed, you are no longer “afraid” of whatever that fear was.

When you face your fear beast in the eyes, you overcome that feeling and there is a sense of accomplishment. Being fearless means taking risks knowing that you could fail.

Remember that failure doesn’t mean you are less than. It means you have found one way it does not work for you. Let your failures encourage you to find out what works for you.

[bs_citem title=”2. It builds your self-confidence” id=”citem_1aa6-9c06″ parent=”collapse_76be-e2fe”]

Self-confidence is an internal experience. We are often seeking the validation of those around us, because that is what we learned.

We received grades in school from our teacher for our great work. We received praised from our parents when we did something right. We received discipline from our coaches when we did something wrong.

For years we have been seeking the outside approval of those around us. They showed us that our validation comes from the way we do certain things. Not from how we feel about ourselves when we do those things.

When you let go of the need to receive validation from others first, you will find that you are okay with who you are. You are learning yourself every day. As long as you are open with accepting yourself, others will fall in line where necessary.

If they do not support your self-love, you don’t need them in your life.

[bs_citem title=”3. It gets you out of your comfort zone” id=”citem_0099-cc64″ parent=”collapse_76be-e2fe”]

Change is the only constant. We can find ourselves staying in specific situations because it is safe. We know the outcome because we have been here before.

Opening your mind to new experiences pushes you over the edge. It allows your heart to beat a little faster. The adrenaline pumps a little more when you come to the edge.

As scary as the unknown may be, it is the only place you will begin to learn about who you are as an individual. It is easier to let others define you. But they are not you, so why should they?

[bs_citem title=”4. It will help you stop making excuses” id=”citem_c7f6-9084″ parent=”collapse_76be-e2fe”]

We make excuses for the things in life we are afraid of. It’s that simple.

We want to do something, but we are not strong enough. We do not have the money right now. We cannot seem to find the time to do it.

Whatever you tell yourself to not do things, STOP! You are the only one standing in your way right now. No one has control over what you do, but yourself.

You should consider opening yourself up to new experiences. If for no other reason than the opportunity to learn something new!

[bs_citem title=”5. It will help you to visualise the life you want” id=”citem_1ff9-c1a5″ parent=”collapse_76be-e2fe”]

We all want the best in life. While we determine the best on a person to person basis. When you open your mind to explore a world you have created in your mind. The possibilities are endless.

When you think how powerful the mind is, you will come to terms with the ability you have to change your life. Thinking about the things you want in life brings them to life.

But you have to open yourself up to those experiences first.



[bs_citem title=”6. It creates a limitless mentality” id=”citem_6e90-ebfa” parent=”collapse_76be-e2fe”]

The mind is a terrible thing to waste. Your mindset determines your outlook on life.

You have bold, tenacity when you fear nothing because you believe in your abilities. You have a strong level of self-confidence when you open your mind.

You believe in the quote by Nelson Mandela that it always seems impossible until it is done.

[bs_citem title=”7. It stops you from talking down on yourself” id=”citem_7e46-5a01″ parent=”collapse_76be-e2fe”]

This is a BIG one! Negative self talk is the worst. It is bad enough society tells us we are not good. Insert whatever imperfection you think you have here.

Our being here is no mistake. It is no accident that YOU were born on your birthdate. You have purpose. The problem we have as a collective is that it is easier to let someone else tell us about ourselves. It is harder to go deep inside and find out who we are.

When you chose to open yourself to yourself, you will find that your more open to you shortcomings. You won’t beat yourself up about them.

You will change what you want and accept what you will tolerate about YOURSELF.

[bs_citem title=”8. It will help you to create positive habits” id=”citem_6795-e32c” parent=”collapse_76be-e2fe”]

A positive lifestyle starts from the mind. You will notice this is a trend for me. Talking about mindsets.

We can remove bad habits from our lives when we encourage ourselves to be positive.

When you wake up in the morning, tell yourself and your Higher Power that you are grateful for this new day. Starting your day off with positive vibes does not mean negative thoughts won’t arise.

It just means that when bad things happen you are able to see the bright side and let it go.

[bs_citem title=”9. You will recognise your power” id=”citem_b221-79be” parent=”collapse_76be-e2fe”]

We all have an internal beast inside of us. Mines is the Hulk and he tends to come out when I am hungry, but I know how to control him.

Comic book references aside, our power comes from within when we connect to ourselves. It is harder to know what power you have and how to control it, if you are choosing not to encounter it.

Your reason may be you don’t know your own strength. You do not know how far you can go. But if you have never tried you will never know. And that is a problem.

[bs_citem title=”10. You will become connected to the emotions of others” id=”citem_4455-a2a0″ parent=”collapse_76be-e2fe”]

Throughout this we have explored how being open helps us as individuals. But it is just as important for our relationships.

Whether familial, friendly, or acquaintances. It necessary to be open to those around us and connect to them on a level that requires us to know who they are.

There are limitations to what we know about those around us. They choose what they want us to know, which is fine.

We have a duty to respect what we know of others and honour those differences.

One of these reasons hit home for you, I know it. Maybe you have been talking down on yourself, thinking you are not good enough. Maybe you just want to feel more confident in the things that you do.

Whatever your reasons, it is my hope that you will let one of these reason resonate with your spirit. Do whatever you can to action on it. Small improvements daily are much easier than one big change.

I know it is not easy, because I am a work in progress myself. But I am here if you need someone to talk to. If you need a personal cheerleader, I got you! Follow me on Instagram + Twitter to stay konnected with me. You are a winner and I am happy to see you win!

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