12 Valuable Ways to Absolutely Show Yourself Love

12 Valuable Ways to Absolutely Show Yourself Love

How-To Define Self Love?

Self-love is simply the regard for one’s own well-being and happiness. It is considered to be a desirable characteristic rather than a narcissistic one. I caution you to be sure you are on this self-love journey to wholly love yourself for you and not because it seems ‘trendy’ right now or the someone said something to you that made you feel less than.

It is important that you begin your journey with a mindset that believes in your own growth potential. We can get stuck sometimes in the thoughts that all that we are is all that we will ever be. Before you read on for the 10 ways you can show yourself love, I ask that you take a moment to ask yourself do I believe I can grow to love myself more or have I gotten a place of stagnation?

No matter your answer you should still read on, but I personally believe it is important to go within to honour your current mindset as a benchmark for your reflection at some point in the future!

Here Are 12 Ways to Show Yourself Love

There are honestly an immense number of ways that you can show yourself love, but I chose 12 to get you started off this new year with at least 1 thing you can do for yourself each month.

If this is the first time you are thinking about self-love in a conscious way then you are at the right place. I’ll be the first to admit that this journey is not as easy as it sounds but if you become aware of what your own love looks like you’ll be able to appreciate it when it comes from others and discern when it is not real, authentic, or true.


Choose Your Love Over Theirs

Whenever you start any of the ways mentioned above on your journey of love for self, you should first talk to yourself and have a clear understanding why it is important for you to do #1, for example. You should be your own first point of contact when you need to rejuvenate your own love.

When you seek another’s love before accepting and understanding your own you run the risk of not being able to discern whether it’s love or someone extending a friendly courtesy towards you. To understand your own love language is the first step to giving it away and receiving from others.

Now, I’ll close this post by disclaiming I am by NO MEANS an expert on this topic. I personally restarted my self-love journey 3 times last years because I took myself to some really dark places of self-hate. This post is my letter to you (and myself) as a reminder that even when you’re not feeling your best there are least 12 valuable ways you can show yourself love.

FYI: I’ve created an eBook that outlines how I plan to focus on each of the 12 ways above this year. Feel free to download it and join me in making 2016 a year of love!

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