3 Things I Love About Volume 1 of It’s My Hair! Magazine

3 Things I Love About Volume 1 of It's My Hair! Magazine

It’s My Hair Magazine is a print magazine. It is helping women connect and express themselves through hair. I was first introduced to the brand in 2014. Selena Milbury, CEO & Chief Editor reached out to be after a segment I did with Naturally Curly on YouTube.

Back then I was just a student in Graduate School. Who occupied her time outside of school and a day job reviewing subscription boxes.

Now, in 2016, I have partnered with It’s My Hair Magazine again to review their print magazine. I received Selena’s personal copy of Volume 1 as they were using my copy for a photo shoot. After reading the first issue, I had 3 things that I absolutely loved about the magazine:

1. “It’s My Hair And”: I loved the responses of the digital influencers to the phrase. Often times we see digital influencers online. Their lives look perfect. Social media gives us a false sense of reality sometimes. When the ladies explain what they loved about their hair, they became relatable again. Digital influencers are definitely more approachable than most celebrities. I sometimes hold my favourite YouTube stars on “celebrity like” status.

2. Styling Inspirations: I must confess I am a girl who has 2 hairstyles, the wash and go or a twist out. But this section definitely inspired me to be a bit more creative with my hairstyles. To be experimental when it comes to colours and protective styling. I could blame being busy on why I have been less than creative with my hair style options. But to be quite honest, it is my sheer laziness on wash day as well as preparing for wash day.

3. Braiding How-Tos: When it comes to braids, I do a simple plait and that is it! Lame, I know, but this section helped me to see the fun styles I could creative if I tried something different. There is no telling how my braids will turn out. But, I am willing to try something new to express myself through my hair.

If you would like to learn more about It’s My Hair Magazine, please check them out below!

3 Things I Love About Volume 1 of It’s My Hair! Magazine

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