3 Wonderful Things I Learned About Myself Last Year

3 Wonderful Things I Learned About Myself Last Year

Celebrating life is something I learned to do on a daily basis. I have meek and mild mannerisms, which lend themselves to innocence. While being the life of the party on other occasions.

This makes for the perfect Gemini! Today is my born day, earth-strong, birthday, life anniversary, etc. While I am not one for elaborate pulp and circumstance on this day, I do take care to reflect on my previous year of life.

  1. What happened since June 19, 2015 to June 18, 2016?
  2. Did I grow? Have I changed?
  3. Where they good? Bad? Or indifferent changes?


I got clear on the fact that I have no clue who I am

This sparks a great deal of excitement within my spirit. Daily I wake up and let go of the woman of the past. No matter how many times my mind tries to remind me of what I could have, should have or did not do.

I recognised that I believe in myself, unapologetically.

Spoiler alert: I am conceited in silence. This means, I have always known my potential for greatness but will seldom sing my own praises. You are more likely to see my actions (whether you realise it is me or not) or hear through the grapevine how awesome I am. I am the last person to claim credit for what I have accomplished.


It would be pointless to write a reflective piece on my last year of life and not admit to growth. Why? Because the hair on my head is longer and the nails on my fingers are shorter… 👀

Minor physical changes aside, I met someone in the last year whom I connected with. We connected on a level that was much deeper than the typical relationship people boast about. The ones who focus on having with their X-k number of followers on social media.

This person challenged the way I think about the world and myself. I am still figuring somethings out, but this person helped me to disconnect to reconnect.


While life is unfair, I think it is safe to say I am stronger for what has not killed me. I do not believe people get wiser with age. I believe we get wiser when we aware of ourselves in our conscious minds. Even if we have no idea exactly who that person is just yet. The beauty of life is that when we wake up to a new day, we have the opportunity to redefine ourselves. To make every effort to change for the better.

Last year had many amazing and bright moments. While there were still some depressing and dark ones. The primary lesson I learned last year was that as I am, I am enough.

There is no manual to “do” life, we are learning as we go. We have some guides be they moral, religious, or societal norms. Historical figures and ancestry to provide a look back at how far we have come. But how we determine how we live today.


As a 20-something year old kool Caribbean millennial, I do not claim to have ALL the answers. I share my thoughts on life based on my experiences.

Be them imperfect and full of plenty trial and error. I hope they will impact someone else to share what they have learned along the way. Helping others get to where they need to be will not stop you from where you ought to be.

To everyone celebrating their birth on Juneteenth, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am honoured to share such a special day with such an amazing person!

Share your last year or your first half of 2016 with me in the discussion section below! Your story is as important to this world as mine is. I look forward to growing in light and love with you!

Cheers to your amazing life, Terri.

3 Wonderful Things I Learned About Myself Last Year

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