4 Goal Setting Tips for 2017

Goal Setting: 4 Tips on How To Plan for a Great New Year

Do you struggle with goal setting? Are you waking up on the first of December wondering where 2016 went? Did you set up plans and goals to achieve this year only to realise you have not accomplished a thing?

Do not worry! I am in the same boat as you. I literally wanted to achieve SO many things year only to be looking back on my 2016 thinking I have failed myself.

Do you want to make a change in 2017? Do you want to set some achievable goals for the new year? Goals that you will be motivated to complete by December 31, 2017?

Join me as I share with you some amazing goal setting tips I have found online and will be using to make 2017 a great year!

Let’s Talk About Goal Setting

I started 2016 in what I thought was a solid relationship (more or less). I had a Graduate degree related to my day job and some social media clients to side hustle on. To be honest, I believed 2016 would be a great year.

By mid-2016, around May and June, I started to realise things were not going the way I wanted them to go. I believed I could turn things around. Only to be sitting here at the end of the year, reflecting on what happened and what did not happen in comparison to my goals.

One of the major reasons my goals were not achieved as I had planned was that I was not reminding myself daily of my “Why”.

It became so easy for me to get caught up in the “How”. I would ask the question, how to be good at those labels?

  • Friend
  • Girlfriend
  • Daughter
  • Social Media Manager
  • IT Professional

What Was The Why?

I rarely really stopped to remember “Why” any of those things were important to me.

Collectively, each of those things is important to me because I have a chance to impact another life. Whether personally or professionally, it is important for me to be good at those labels because those people have chosen to connect with me in some way.

It would be a disservice to myself to not want to be better for each of those people.

4 Goal Setting Tips for 2017

Goal Setting In 2016

One of my visions for 2016 overall was to earn part-time income. I can say that today I am in a position to earn that income seasonally and monthly. The amount I receive is not what I originally set in the beginning of the year, however.

At first, I thought I failed myself. But when I gave it a second thought. I realised I did achieve that goal. The figure became irrelevant because when I reflected one of my core values, which is wealth and to be financially independent. This was the first step towards that goal.

Going back to that moment in the middle of 2016 where I realised things were not going my way. I reset my vision for 2016 and decided on 3 focuses for the rest of the year. Each had to deal with a connection. My connection to self. My connection to others. Both are extremely important to me. Each showcased my greatest challenge.

4 Goal Setting Tips for 2017

Tip #1

Do a self-assessment as SOON possible: Here is the link to the one I did last month. I am going to use it as I go into 2017 to remind myself of the things I believe in the dark so that I can live them in the light.

Tip #2

Create a vision statement for your life: I signed up for the Visionary Kickstarter challenge with Monique Malcolm-Glover. While I did not complete the process during the email course. I will go back and finish it so that I can have ONE succinct statement that defines how I will view 2017.

Tip #3

Plan to tackle your challenges from last year: You know what did and did not work for you in 2016 as it relates to goal setting. You know who should not be in your life anymore. You know what you did to do to be happy again. Try to tackle a total of 4 challenges, 1 for each quarter. Or you may be an ambitious person trying to tackle 12, 1 per month. You may be a realist like me and have decided to focus on ONE for the entire year. It’s time for you to get serious about the things in your life that are holding your back. Stop wasting time! Start investing it!

Tip #4

Find people to hold you accountable for your actions: At this point, you need to be clear with yourself on the people in your life that can hold you to your plan for 2017. You may have one person for your entire plan. Or you may want to break it down to connect with people who have experience and expertise in a particular area, such as finance, love & relationships, your industry, etc. However you decided to be held accountable, make sure that you meet regularly. At least once per month. Increase your frequency if you have a deadline on your goal.

4 Goal Setting Tips for 2017

We have reached the end of this post

I have to be completely honest. After I wrote those 4 tips, I became a little bit anxious. If you find yourself feeling anxious as well, please take a deep breath.

Focus on the air coming in as well as the air being released. That air coming in is the strength you need to get your plan done for 2017. The air going out is all the negative thoughts and doubt you feel after you remember what happened or did not happen last year.

We cannot redo 2016. It has been done. We can use it to help us look forward to 2017. We can use our mistake(s) from last year to learn from. Preparing us to make right decisions in the year to come.

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Until next time. May your spirit and soul be at peace from within first. Namaste.

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Goal Setting: 4 Tips on How To Plan for a Great New Year

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