4 Reports of August 2016 Online Analytics

4 Reports of August 2016 Online Analytics

Being an online personality comes with its perks as well as its downfall. Couple that with a social media addiction. You may have someone, like myself. Someone who is as excited about sharing herself with others. As she is about keeping some things private.

I am on a personal journey of learning as much as I can about social media. I’ve created a few online entities to help me with that process. Each month I have decided to share my growth with you.

August 2016 was interesting for me. I was the social media manager for PXP Festival and IGLOO Atlanta. Sleep was a luxury. Post-launch depression was real (and lingered longer than I expected). I learned a lot last month about social media.

Today, I am sharing with you the analytics of my personal social media accounts for August 2016. Read through until the end because there is something SPECIAL just for you!

Web Analytics Report for August 2016

  • Sessions: 87
  • Users: 79
  • Pageviews: 178
  • Pages/Session: 2
  • Average Session Duration: 1:29 minutes
  • Bounce Rate: 51%
  • % of New Sessions: 90%

Twitter Monthly Report for August 2016

  • Follower Growth: 25
  • Tweet Impressions: 67.7K
  • Profile Visits: 519
  • Mentions: 74
  • Tweets Linking to Me: 8

Instagram Monthly Report for August 2016

  • Follower Growth: 36
  • Total Engagement: 962
  • Average Engagement: 160/post

YouTube Monthly Report for August 2016

  • Subscribers: 433
  • Subscriber Growth: 6
  • Video Views: 533
  • Engagement (Likes/Comments/Shares): 9
  • Total Minutes Watched: 910
  • Average Watch Time: 1:42

There you have it! A glimpse into my online world as a natural hair and social media blogger. If you would like to collect your online analytics, please download this freebie!

It is perfect for a new online personality who wants to track her progress. Maybe you are managing the online presence of a brand and want to know what KPIs to measure! Download this freebie today and get started reporting your online analytics!

If you would like to work with me for a collab, a brand sponsorship project, or have a general business inquiry. Please email me via misstkms[at]gmail[dot]com.

4 Reports of August 2016 Online Analytics

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