By Way of the Spelman Walk

If you are a personal friend of mines or an online associate, you should be aware that I recently graduated from Spelman College with my BA in Economics. There were so many things that were running through my mind during the last few days leading up to the 125th Commencement Ceremony for Spelman. As the Senior weekend began with Class Day on May 18th, 2012 – it became very real that all the hard work put forth by myself and my Spelman Sisters was about to pay off with the receipt of our diplomas. Almost every student obtaining formal education at some point in their life dreams of the next step, post secondary education. Personally, I’ve had the goal of receiving my Bachelor degree since I was a wee-baby Seamus! (LOL. Okay that was my comedic moment courteous of obsession with a TV show entitled Archer.) But seriously, I know that there are others out there who have been dreaming about gaining a higher education and receiving a degree. If you are one of those folks, who hasn’t obtained it yet, cannot come up with the finances to do so, or are just not motivated to get it – I suggest to make it happen! Life is too short to live thinking about what you could have done with your life or contemplating over what you didn’t do.

There is so much that I am grateful to Spelman College for; the greatest thing Spelman has given me is a group of life long friends. Some of those friends are Spelmanites – my age, younger or older than I, while other are Morehouse Men, Clark Atlanta Sister and Brothers, and some I have met while navigating through the Reggae scene here in Atlanta. One thing is certain, with those people I had the opportunity to meet here in Atlanta, I have found what it truly means to have a network of people with skill sets that will allow each and every one of us to succeed in whatever it is we wish to achieve.

While at Spelman, I was able to serve within various student organizations, mingle with fellow Economics majors and scholars and obtain an Internship at a Caribbean Radio Station – all of which have allowed me to master skills that I were innate to me while also learning and developing new skills. I would not trade anything for my journey by way of the Spelman Walk. Not all who apply are allowed admittance into the Illustrious Institution which I now call my Alma Mater but I am SO glad the administration at Spelman granted me admission.

Many are called to service but not all are able to complete what it is they are asked. I personally am not exactly sure what my purpose is to fulfill on this earth but I do know that my Jah has a greater plan for my life than I can ever imagine. Some go through life not knowing certain truths about their life or the lives of those whom they love. I hope I am not one of those people, I pray that I will know the truth behind my existence so that I may pass on my positivity to another person so that change can be made on this world.

Spelman College is much more than an Institution that nurtures the future Degree holding Women of the 21st Century but she gives birth and raises multiple generations of Women leaders who will evoke radical yet necessary change in a world that does not want to face it’s own reality – something must truly give way if anything is to be accomplished in this world. Whether you are a current Spelmanite or a Spelman Alumna, whether you do/did not attend Spelman College, or whether you have never attended a post-secondary institution, there is one thing we have in common – if you have faith in Jah your choice to change the world is simply your acceptance in his presence.

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