How to Dress Like It’s 1996

To be honest! There is not much that I can recall about the 90s that did not make it the BEST decade ever.

The 90s were my childhood years! These were the years when I learned to play Nintendo. I watched Nickelodeon daily. The Spice Girls taught me about Girl Power. I learned valuable life lessons from watching the Lion King. Many of which I didn’t get until I was older. But that is beside the point. In a nutshell, the 90s were EPIC!

One of the most nostalgic things for me about the 90s is the fashion. At the time my mother dressed me.

How to Dress Like It's 1996

In a few weeks, I will be attending the Kickoff party to Atlanta’s number 1 annual 90s experience, 1996. At Thrive Lounge in Atlanta for Embrace Saturdays. Now that I am some years older. And the fashion choices are my own. There is no better time than the present to pull together some 90s pieces for my outfit.

1. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Hat

2. Crop Top

3. John Lennon Shades

The best one 😎 #glasses #lenons #lenonki #vsco #l4l

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4. Converse Sneakers

I need this!! #Converse

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5. Denim Overalls

Okay. So to be fair. I learned a lot from my Mum over the years. These pieces come together as my attempt to recreate a look that I love. You can’t tell me you didn’t look at my baby picture and say, “Aww”.

This is only the beginning! I have 5 months to search online for more pieces to put together the ULTIMATE 90s outfit for 1996 in 2017! Visit today! Sign up for exclusive information about Atlanta’s number 1 annual 90s experience, 1996.

How to Dress Like It's 1996

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