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Today I was talking to JusBus (@thejnation) and we were conversing about our life’s passion, what it is that we love to do. Now he had his down – he knew exactly what he was passionate about and he has been doing it for over a decade. Little ole Terri K on the other hand, not so settled in my passion. I figured it was because I’m still young and there is so much out there that I can do if I just focus on it and learn the craft but J dropped some knowledge on me that was definitely noted. He said “Consistency“. I’m not going to blog our whole conversation but when he mentioned the word consistency it dawned on me, that at 22 years old I was going through phases – trying out anything new that caught my attention because it was fun to do. Now, I really do not see that as a bad thing because doing something because it’s fun is actually pretty good but the issue comes when one get bored. Then it’s what is going to be my next interest?

So I did a bit of thinking today and decided to share with you this post about passions whether they are career-based, relationship-based, life-based, or personally-based! I feel that this post is necessary for those who do not know exactly what it is they are passionate about and those who already know should read to ensure that their passion is truly what they believe it be.

Many of us were asked in our first year of school, Kindergarten, what do you want to be when you grow up? I’m sure many of us had some elaborate answers that were so farfetched but seemed so attainable that we acknowledged them anyway. From that first declaration some of us may be working towards that goal of being a Doctor, Teacher, Hair Dresser, Race Car Driver, etc. But for the most part, many of us have changed and changed our minds so many times people started to ask us “what do you want to be this month?” Then comes high school graduation and the decision to go for higher education or to enter the labor force and that’s when those childhood dreams either come to the forefront or get buried in exchange for another person’s dream for you. I won’t tell you which option is better because that is entirely relative based on the person who is asking him/herself that question.

However, I will say that coupled with the question of whether you will go to college or enter the labor market the questions of ‘what truly makes me happy, what am I passionate about, what do I go to bed thinking about doing tomorrow when I wake up and all throughout the day’ should be asked as well. Many of us ignore those questions because we have a family to take care of, parents to pay back for the 18 years they have been supporting us, we have teachers, professors and society telling us what profession earn the highest income and telling use what we need to do to obtain that job. But it is just that a JOB! My connotation of a job is a mundane activity that a person engages in weekly in order to pay the bills they incurred monthly in order to sustain a life that allows them to continue with the same routine day in and day out.

Now I know some people will say “<strong>But I love my job, I’m passionate about it” and that’s fine. I challenge you think about what it is about your ‘job’ that you are passionate about? For some customer service reps, it is their ability to help clients troubleshoot and solve their problems before the clients gets extremely frustrated and does not want to work on the issue any further. For some managers, it’s the opportunity they have to assemble their team and motivate them to strive for their best no matter the outcome. For the politician, it is the joy they receive when they are making a positive difference for their local community, the one in which they were born and raised. All of these are perfectly fine! There is so much more that could be said about these three examples and the slew of other jobs and careers that are available to us.

Mankind as a whole has gotten to a point where we are driven by titles and not tasks. Sure we have titles to distinguish one occupation from another but how many of us can say we know the exact task we are supposed to be performing at our job? Furthermore, how many of us can explicitly state which task it is that we do that brings us joy that ties into our passion and would explain why we wake up every morning (Jah willing) to complete that task each day? #FoodForThought

I’m not saying that I have a definite answer for the questions posed in this post but I am working on my own personal answers. I challenge you to do the same whether you love your job, you hate it, if you’re looking for a career change or trying to get that promotion. I challenge you to look at YOU in the mirror and ask yourself “What is it that makes (INSERT YOUR NAME) happy?” Do not say me, I want you to say your own name and internalize everything that you saying. Have you ever noticed that when someone asks you something with your name in it versus just saying ‘you’ you’re response is a little bit deeper? No. Next time you got to ask someone a question, use their name in the question. “So and So, what do you think of this?” then ask another person the exact same question but just simply ask them “What do you think of this?” You may be surprised at the way the persons respond. Of course they will have varying answers but it’s the way the respond that should surprise you. If it doesn’t, I may just be thinking a little too deeply for some of you and that’s cool! LoL

I hope that this post has encouraged you to really think about your passions and if they are not what ‘society, your friends, your parents or anyone in your life‘ thinks it should be that you will go after it regardless! At the end of the day, you have to live with you every single day and if you’re not happy no one will actively try to make that happen for you, no matter how much they may love you.

Until next time

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