Incorrect, Politically Speaking

When I decided to start a new website, I had initially anticipated that it would go like most of my other web projects have in the past – after a few weeks I would neglect them to the point of no return then try to start a new one and the cycle would continue over again. This time though, I sincerely made a pledge with myself that I would care for this website much more than I have my sites in the past. I can say that Social Media has helped in that regard because it allows me to communicate with my friends in real time and let them know when a new post is up – then from there they can view the link whilst they are already online rather than trying to remember to do so when they got home later! #GENIUS – this idea of social media is.

Last time I blogged I was in a very positive mind state in reference to my Country home and I still am. However, this post isn’t to foster unity of #teamBDA but to speak to them, and others, in a different tone. I come from Paradise on earth and that is THE truth. It is truly a blessing to have been raised on an Island as wonderful and beautiful as Bermuda. Sure, I clown about there being nothing to do at times – but that is really because I didn’t want to explore my island outside of what I knew to be ‘fun’ and ‘entertaining’. As I have grown, since living the island, I have found that your environment is only as mundane as you allow it be. Just because there isn’t a large amusement park to spend an entire day at doesn’t mean that there isn’t other forms of entertainment. One just has to be willing to explore activities outside of what they are comfortable exploring.

Recently in my beautiful island home, there has been a culture shift. Personally, I do not know why, when or who decided upon this change but I am most certainly opposed to it. This is for many reasons. The first has occurred within the school system, students and faculty alike. Today’s generation of students are on a totally amp’d level as compared to when I was in school. Sure we tested boundaries with teachers, tried to see how far we could get doing things our way before we were reminded of the rules and had classic ‘fights’ of words or physically. But the amount of disrespect I have witnessed and heard of lately is sincerely appalling.  I was no angel, nor were some of my classmates, but we most certainly knew when it was time to stop because we were jiving too much.

Secondly, this is not a unique issue to Bermuda but a prominent issue in my eyes – our politics. For as LONG as I can remember I have been adamant about not caring about or following the politics of Bermuda for one reason – THEY ARE ALL CROOKS. But upon educating myself I realized one very important thing, most enter into the realm of politics with the sincere desire and goal to truly make a difference but it is ignorant people, such as I was back then, who criticize and pass judgement on the politicians which make the job even harder. However, I say this not to give anyone an excuse because despite my innate love for my country and how she is run; there are some politicians with whom I do not think I could work with. Call it what you want, but I personally believe that politicians should have formal education within a specific area and specialize. A business administration background should not be accepted for the Minister of Finance, unless the concentration was in accounting and finance. It makes no sense for a Sociology or Psychology major to run a ministry that focuses on eCommerce or Telecommunications unless they worked in either industry for several years and experienced a tremendous change in the operation of that industry. Truthfully speaking, government is an institution I personally do not agree with fully, but because it is one that I must live with I feel it should be operated with the UTMOST transparency and with the right minds handling their specialty and their specialty ALONE.

My final issue and probably the most pressing for me personally is the increase of violence and the blame that is place on others, ie. Government, the Police force. This issue stems from a lot of places – mainly home life dysfunction, disrespectful behavior in school and a lack of community within Bermuda’s society. Privileged as my upbringing may seem to be to those looking from the outside in, one thing I did cherish about my childhood was the fact that I could leave a window open, a door unlocked, walk the street to the grocery store and did now have to worry about adversity or turmoil in doing so. Today, to leave a window open for fresh air is a calling card to a thief saying “Yes come rob me, I would love for you to take my belongings.” Okay, it may not sound like that – that’s the Posh Terri version – but you catch my drift, I’m sure.

On an island that was once so peaceful and saw very few robberies, little to no murders in a 5-year span historically, to the present when there is a young man murdered at least once a year and if they are feeling really brave there are sprees of murders, home invasions and evasion, along with assaults on locals and tourists alike. The increase in violent behavior may have a correlation and potential casual effect on the madness that is occurring in the classrooms of Bermuda, but we can revisit this issue later.

With all of this being said. Some of you may be saying to yourself “Terri, that doesn’t seem too bad,” and you may be right relative to where you come from. But for me, it is disheartening, sincerely upsets and makes me want to take on everyone who said to me that I could be the first Prime Minister of Bermuda – if it is Jah’s plan than so be it. I truly have an issue with the state of my country and that of the world.

I had the pleasure of hearing Nobel Peace Prize Recipient – Mohammad Yunus speak in April of this year, 2012, and there was one thing that he said that has resonated with me ever since. That was, if you see a problem that is too large for you to fix all at once – isolate a smaller issue and work to solve that. Before you know it, you will be solving more of the bigger problem until it has been resolved completely. So I say to you, this post is not me sharing random feelings for the sake of typing a meaningful blog. I sincerely am working on a project that will address the issues I have with my country and will be my first step in the overall plan to help my island home.

From there, I don’t know what I’ll take on next. But I’m sure Jah will reveal it to me when he is ready. I challenge you, if you’re Bermudian do not take what I have posted here lightly. Whether you agree or disagree, if you feel there is something else more pressing of an issue DO SOMETHING! Cliche as this quote is, it is ever relevant “be the change you wish to see in the world.” As a recent graduate from Spelman College, I know all too well the pledge I made when I decided to apply and ultimately attend this illustrious institution; I made a choice to change the world and no matter how small it may be, a ripple eventually expands to a size far greater than the initial drop created.

If you’re from a country other than Bermuda and notice things in your country that you want changed, I challenge you too, DO SOMETHING! Sitting around complaining won’t solve the problem it will only be an addition. Waiting for those in charge to do something may take too long. My mum always tells me, stop putting off until tomorrow what you know you can do today. So that is my charge to anyone who is reading this post. STOP waiting for something amazing to happen and make it happen! I shall leave you with a quote or two to inspire you to do so…

Change your thoughts and you change your world.” – Norman Vincent Peale | “Enthusiasm moves the world.” – Arthur Balfour | “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Until next time … Namaste!

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  1. I really like that idea- starting small if the problem is too big to address as a whole. I’m excited to learn about how you will be helping :D! At the root of the problem, it IS the lack of unity. And because we don’t have unity, we don’t have a community and usually it’s members of a community that hold one another accountable for their actions, you know? idk if this is making any sense.

    1. Does make sense Yas! If no one cares anymore, tthere’s no one to make us feel like “If I do this ‘Jane Doe’ will say something and I will look bad in her eyes. She may go tell my mum later, so let me not…” I completely understand what you are talking about. The more people that are willing to make a change the better!

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