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If you have meet me in person or seen my tweets on Twitter you probably know something about what I love. It’s really no secret, my Twitter profile tells you “CARIBBEAN music enthusiast” and that is the honest truth. Granted, the island I hail from is not considered to be a Caribbean island but you couldn’t visit Bermuda and not notice the Caribbean cultural influences in the way we live our lives, the way we carry ourselves but especially in the music we listen to. For that reason, I consider myself and my culture to be Caribbean-influenced.

We’re a laid-back people, Bermudians. For the most part we’re not as fast paced as the major cities of the United States or even London from our Colonial Power, Great Britain. But do not take our laid-back characteristic as a weakness, we as a people know exactly what we want for ourselves. Personally, music is what I want! I cannot really express how much I love music, more specially Caribbean music such as Reggae and Dancehall. Initially, I believe it was because my mother used to play music at home every chance she could on her record player; it wasn’t reggae, however. But seeing how much my mother loved the music she played, I think that intrigued me into finding out why she loved music so much and finding a love all my own. Sounds kind of corny, but looking back on my childhood that is exactly what I was trying to do.

Today, I can say I am a complete┬álover of Reggae music. Culturally, I was raised with Caribbean traditions and music was a prominent part of that. When I listen to reggae music at home, using my iPod or in the car I get an amazing feeling, literally it feels like chills. That is a feeling I have been chasing since I was a tiny tot but I never could explain it, I just knew when I listened to music I wanted to feel amazing! Again, kind of corny but it’s my reality.

My dream job, the career I want to build, is based within the Reggae music industry. I used to think I wanted to be in the overall music industry but my love for Reggae trumps all other genres and Reggae music does not receive the International success it deserves. SO THAT IS MY GOAL! It may even be my mission and reason for being, but I shall tackle that info at another time. For now my love for reggae is all the motivation I need to pursue a dream I’ve had since a little girl…that is to be a true lover of music and do whatever I can within the industry.

I hope you will do the same whatever it is you are passionate about. I leave you with two quotes that have inspired me to constantly do whatever it is that makes me happy…

Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” – Aristotle … “Become who you are!” – Friedrich Nietzsche

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