More Than Just A Pretty Face

Ok. Judge me if you wish but I got the inspiration to write this post after listening to ‘The Boss‘ by Konshens and Natel. The basis of the song, lyrically, is that it is one for independent ladies. Through the song Konshens and Natel send out positive affirmations to women, they talk about ‘one’ woman in particular who does everything she needs for herself without the help of anyone else. Now, being a recent college grad – I wouldn’t say I am doing everything for myself without the help of others as yet. But Natel sings one line that is the title of this post; he says “Just step up and take your place, you’re more than just a pretty face…” This line resonates with me EVERY TIME I listen to this record. I truly think of myself in that way, I am beautiful (not being conceited or anything) I truly believe I am a very beautiful person, physically and internally. I won’t bore you with a list of things I do that I think consider me to be beautiful – if you know me to have interacted with me you probably already know and if you only know me through my website, I hope some element of my site has lead you to believe I am that type of person.

I wanted to update you all with some new things I have planned for the website and myself as far the work I am doing here in Atlanta.

First off, let me say that yesterday I signed my contract for my full-time job. I am truly happy with that as the job was not something I was looking for actively. I was actually on my way to another interview within that building and Jah put it in my favor for my Partner (and soon to be boss) to be entering the elevator at the very minute when the doors were closing. I held the door for him so he would make the trip and we started a quick elevator conversation with the lead sentence stemming from my Spelman College Alumna pin! There is truly something about that Spelman blue, in case you did not know! =D There are a few requirements that I must adhere to before I am truly full-time but in the upcoming weeks I will be working towards that and I will be a full-time agent looking to help my clients set themselves up for a comfortable financial situation, when that time comes for them.

Secondly, I am the master of my OWN domain! As you may notice the web address to #then1989 is a [dot]com address. I purchased the domain and hosting straight from WordPress yesterday, which allows me to use the same uploading server and method of which I have been using since February. I have been putting the purchase off for a while to take care of other things financially but I said to myself yesterday, stop putting off till later what you can do today (advice my gives me every time I tell her I’ll do something later, LOL). Buying my very first domain is a BIG deal for me – I’ve been freelancing/hobbying with web design for about 10 years now. I first started in MSN groups – my true music artist groupies know about them MSN groups! I would switch my view from ‘design/visual’ to HTML every chance I got and manipulated my post via HTML coding. By the time I reached my first formal Computers class in High School and started learning HTML coding formally, I was hooked! I then sought ‘hosting’ via other domains which were run by people I met online and who were willing to give out free hosting space on their domains. From there I have been meddling with coding of HTML, CSS and I tried Java at one point but that was a bit much for me, so I stopped for a while. I’ll get back to it one of these days.

Because I got my start through free hosting of other domains. One of my goals in 2013, on the one year anniversary of this domain – July 31, I will offer free hosting to anyone who is looking to get into web design but doesn’t have the funds to purchase their own domain but would like to begin honing in on their craft. I truly know what difference it can make in one’s development from my own experiences and I am more than willing to offer those same opportunities to others. More information about the hosting will be released closer to that date as I will need to purchase another domain and hosting via another website. But that is something I am working on, so if you are interested in starting your own website for ya blog, maybe you do graphic design and what a place to hold you work, or if you’re into journalism and want to host a site for news stories, whatever you desires – do contact me (email address is below) with your interest so I can keep track of your details. =D

Next, I am very happy with the current traffic flow to my website thus far. However, I am looking to expand the website with a few new sections and content types. Two of them I am keeping under wraps for a while as they are still in the development and brainstorming phases, so once I have more solid plans set I will let you know exactly what I have going on. One new section I am looking to roll out within the next two weeks is a ‘News’ section! I figure that a type of content that you readers would be very interested in reading. I got the idea as I was researching the release of the iPhone5 unveiling and I found information on and his site just inspired me to include a section dedicated to news topics.

I will probably start it off as me simply providing links to external websites to see if you all are truly interested in receiving news updates via #then1989. Depending on your response to the new section, I will feature my own articles for your reading pleasures. The write ups will not be extensive just some background information on the topics, the basic facts and then a simple opinion piece from me just letting you all know what I think of the topics. The comments will be made available to you under each article so that you can comment and engage in conversation with other readers! As far as my Radio Personality gig, we have some great things going on for the Dancehall Now show. I am in the process of working with my brothers, Super Pec and Kahlil Wonda, in search of some college students that are looking for internship experience within the Entertainment/Mass Media industry. This will allow us as a trio to continue to build the Dancehall Now brand. So that keeps me busy when I am not over here at #then1989.

That’s pretty much ALL I have as far as updates that I can think of. I hope you all are enjoying my website thus far and I appreciate all of your support! It truly means a lot to me, I seriously have been trying for years to start and maintain a website for years now! It is truly a great feeling to see my dedication receive results and a blessing to see all of the support from you all. Please continue to share the link with your friends and feel free to comment on the posts, I promise you I will reply back to you! I do not eBite =P

You can also email via – YES i got an email address for the domain! I’m fancy and tings! If you have personal things you wish to talk to me about that you do not want posted online for others to see, feel free to email me!

Until next time… Namaste

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