Politics of Life

Politics of Life

I’m pretty sure we have all taken the time out to ask ourselves those burning, deep, thought provoking questions about life – in general. Some questions may include What is the meaning of life, Why do people act so negatively towards some people but not towards others, What is the right thing to do in this situation? just to name a few but I’m sure you have thought of others and probably thinking of your own as your read this post. Take note of the questions you pose on yourself today!

This blog post was not inspired by the current race for the White House here in the United States, although it may or may not be used as an analogy at some point in this post. I was inspired to write this while actually asking myself some questions. Questions that I have not yet answered completely, but I have written the questions down and that to me is the first step: identifying what it is you want to gain an understanding of. I think many people go through life with so many questions about so many different things but never sit down and force themselves to identify the root of the issue. Myself included. I can’t speak for all of your potential reasons for this nonidentification issues, but I will give a little insight on what I think possible reasons could be and you can assess whether it’s one of the mentioned or take the time to think about that on your own.

  1. Fear: This is probably one of the most common reason, many of us just do not wish to even think about the question because the potential answers scare us more than the question itself. Not the best reason and honestly not even a justifiable one either. I say that because if you chose not to even think about the question, you’ll never get to a point where you can begin to overstand why you don’t know the answer. Maybe not knowing is good enough for you, but if you never identify the question you’ll never know…
  2. Trust Issues: So, I first started naming this bullet relationship barriers but then I thought about it and decided trust issues would be a better title simply because many of us have some form of this. Depending on how deep rooted your trust issues go, it could be that you never want to identify the question because depending on who you have to ask the question to get an answer, you may not trust them with certain information. I can’t offer any quick fix solution to this because the reasoning your trust issue is personal. What I can offer is that once you have identified the question you need an answer to and the potential person who can give you the answer, if you have an issue with them start to dig deep within yourself to find out why. Did they hurt you in some way? Have they not respected you in a similar regard before? Do you think they do not deserve your trust yet? Have they given you certain trust rights with respect to any questions they have asked you in the past? (and the list can go on)
  3. Overwhelming Emotions: I think this is my last potential reason from what I thought of in regards to why we will not identify questions we would like to ask others. Emotions can be fun and amazing or difficult and extreme. We all deal with emotions very differently. If identifying a question brings about too many conflicting emotions – it can be overstood why a person would wish not to deal with the question! My own personal trick for deal with this is simply to write! Writing is a way to collect all of the thoughts and emotions in a more organized manner than just letting the thoughts roam wild in your head. Depending on how overwhelmed I become, I will write either full sentences or short bullets.

So now that you’ve identified a question or multiple questions to ask the next step is to ASK them. Depending on your reason for being apprehensive to identify questions, will let you know when you’ll be willing to ask the questions you need answers to. But I don’t think that the answers are as equally as important as the questions. I say that because our mind is a great organ, it can create and recreate so many options for potential answers that can deter you from asking the questions in the first place. So I say do not get caught up in what the answer could be, just make sure you’re completely ready to ask the question and let the chips fall where they may.

We are an inquisitive race, mankind. We seek knowledge, answers to questions we do not know the answer too – no matter how silly it may sound as we ask it. I think being knowledge seekers makes us, as a race, interesting. So if you are timid, not really the person who likes to ask question – STOP! Get up your nerve to ask others questions, no matter how deep or superficial and embrace your inquisitive-self!

Until next time… Namaste


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