President Obama Is A Snob!

This morning as I was getting myself ready to head off to work when I found myself staring at my television focused on the Morning Joe show. Mika, the co-host of the show, was talking about a story which involved a comment made by Rick Santorum stating that President Obama is a snob. Please view the video listed below before you read the rest of this post if you do not know what comment I talking about made Santorum:


Now, whether you are Republican, Democrat, an Independent or you choose not vote, I would hope that you do not agree with Santorum’s outlandish statement that President Barack Obama is a snob! Even if you are not the biggest fan or supporter of President Obama.

For Santorum to blanket President Obama’s #SOTU goal of affordable higher education despite socio-economic background as one that meant that every college-aged student would have to attend college; for Santorum to say that the President is a snob for wanting students to be able to attend College if they chose; for Santorum to say that President Obama wants American citizens to be made in his image is by FAR the most outrageous thing I have heard in the 2011-2012 GOP race to date.

Santorum’s foundation for that comment is that President Obama’s goal to have every American in College is further from the truth. When I read the #SOTU address last month, President Obama stated that he wanted to make it so that aspiring College students would have the opportunity to attend, if they wanted, with additional federal aid made available to them. The Colleges and Universities that displayed an effort to keep tuition and fees at a reasonable level would receive federal assistance as well.

I’m trying to figure out the last time any person who was consider a snob cared about anyone but themselves. By definition a snob is one ‘who dislikes people or activities regarded as lower-class.’ The last time I checked President Obama worked to give benefits to those of the lower-class, he constantly and consistently advocates for those in the middle to lower economic classes in the United States. Snob would be more equivalent of a term to bestow upon Mitt Romney before President Obama.

We know that it is election year, the slander and libel statements will be heavily promoted and publicized this year. But for Santorum to have thought in his mind that President Obama IS in fact a snob and then to utter the word on national television is by far one of the most surprising things I have seen on TV since the Grammy’s & Nicki’s performance! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I am not in any way trying to change Santorum’s opinion of President Obama what I am trying to figure out is what made him think to say it out loud?

But that’s not even the end of my rant on Santorum. He stated that President Obama was looking to make aspiring College students in his own image. THAT TOOK THE CAKE!

First, as a young woman who believes wholeheartedly in the Almighty Jah, I know for a fact that I was created in His image. Both Santorum and President Obama are men of a religion, the specific ones are not as important as the fact that anyone who believes in Jah, knows that they were created in His image. As African descendants, myself, President Obama, and others like us have been told for centuries that Jah was white. (But I’ll save that for another post). The point is that there would never be a time that someone who believes in Jah, knowing that he/she was made in His image, would ever think that someone else should be made in their image; be it their child or someone else’s child.

In essence, Santorum is saying that President Obama holds himself on the same level as Jah. In all honesty, there may be some people who truly believe President Obama is a God send for African Americans and other minorities in this country yet there are still others who do not think that highly of him, African descendants and other minorities. But Santorum definitely has no merit in his statement on any of the three points I outlined.

President Obama does not want ALL students to go to College, he simply wants to make it affordable for all students, particular who may not be able to afford college on their own or who may not obtain scholarships or loans. Secondly, President Obama is far from a snob. Would a snob fight so hard against a Congress that does not want to pass anything he puts forth that will make life easier for those in the lower socio-economic classes? And finally, President Obama is not trying to make anyone in his own image but himself. So Mr. Santorum, please note that you have sincerely bothered me with your comment.

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