The Peephole to A Soul

So I was recently going through some photos that I was tagged in via Facebook to update my profile picture  and ran across a screen capture of a tweet I posted.

Pretty much everyday I have rather meaningful conversations with myself and I tend to share specific thoughts on twitter. Some days I go on ‘rants‘ and my followers can get an eyeful of thoughts, some good and others not so great. But for the most part, I tend to tweet thought provoking tweets during those rants. I feel it is important for everyone to spend some quality time with oneself. We put so much emphasis on making time for family and friends, to make sure those relationships do not suffer or become distant. Yet, the very person that we have been with our entire lives tends to get left to the wayside and we deal with him/her whenever we have the ‘time‘.

I tweeted last Sunday – that my favorite place to be is within my own thoughts. That was probably one of the realest tweets I have tweeted in a while. I truly think that being in one’s own thoughts brings up many emotions that one just truly does not wish to deal with but needs to deal with. People like to say they are so honest and that they do not hide their emotions but the truth of the matter is we all, at some point or another, hide our feelings from the ones that care about us the most.

Many of us have these walls up that we use to protect our heart and our feelings, because rejection is not a pleasant thing to deal with. No one wants to express something to someone and have that person judge them, shun them, make them feel like their feelings are futile and insignificant. Most of the people who do not share their feelings may have actually once been open about their feelings but had a negative experience, or multiple, which have since deterred them from sharing their feelings with others. There is no quick fix to getting someone to open him/herself up to others or in encouraging them to share their thoughts with you, if they are not ready.

As a species, mankind is very skeptical of our own counterparts. Many of us do not trust as easily or as quickly as others but when we do get to a certain point we will open up to others. The main thing I think one can do to ease him/herself into the process is to actually understand what their feelings are, know what thoughts they have, and find ways to effectively communicate. I am guilty of not doing the last step. I understand my feelings very well and I know what things I think of on a daily basis but actually effectively communicating them to others is where I have the greatest challenges. So I am working on that!

I encourage you if you are timid about sharing your feelings or you are receiving someone else in that regards, please be patient. We all were not born with the skill of walking; we started just rolling around on the floor then getting some strength in our legs and arms to crawl and eventually we were walking — getting into mischief. So the same way it was a process to learn to walk, it will be a process to become comfortable with expressing your feelings with others or receiving others’ feelings.

Until next time… Namaste

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