A Year Of Journaling: Entry 001

A Year Of Journaling (2017): Entry 001

There are countless resources online that promote the benefits of journaling. To be quite honest, that is something I have known since I was a teenager. But some decisions to “fit in” caused me to stop keeping a journal. Not that anyone needed to know I kept a journal. It was more of a thing of negative self-talk.

The end of 2016 into the beginning of 2017 saw my greatest mindset shift to date! I came across this blog post via Pinterest and noticed it was a Blog Lovin’ link.

That’s important for me to share as I am beginning to use Blog Lovin‘ to promote my blogs.

I am decided to write a journal entry via my website every day this year, from now. The original post that sparked this series contains 52 journal prompts. But, as I mentioned there are countless resources online.

So, once I have completed these prompts I will move onto another set and share that information with you. Let’s get started!

Entry 001: Write an “About Me” about yourself.

My name is Terrisa Kevin-Marie Stewart. I am Christian, 27-year-old young woman from Bermuda. I was born in 1989. So, I am the LAST of the 80s babies! My zodiac sign is Gemini. Yes, that means I have at least 2 distinct personalities. I live in Atlanta, GA. I am a natural hair blogger/vlogger. I am a social media manager. But my 9-5 at the moment is as an IT professional.

Let’s break down this “About Me” a little further.

Terrisa is a unique combination of my father’s name, Terrence and my mum’s name, Gerri. Kevin happens to be my father’s middle name. Marie is my maternal grandmother’s middle name. Stewart is my mum’s last name.

From an early age, I was a member of the Seventh-Day Adventist church. I attended a Primary school that was of the SDA church in Bermuda. It was the ONLY SDA school, so there was a sense of exclusion from other students and people of other religions. By the time I was transitioning to middle school, my mum transferred me to the public school sector!

Let’s Talk About Astrology

Being born on the Queen’s birthday in 1989 kind of makes me a big deal! Particularly because I am of the sign, Gemini. There are many characteristics that Geminis have that I see in myself. The primary one is LOVES TO TALK. To be honest, I am intrigued by conversation. I grow VERY weary if communication is lacking between myself and family or friends.

Another interesting characteristic of Gemini’s is their ability to “go with the flow”. For myself, this personality is more dormant than my overwhelming overactive organised self.

But I am true to the Twins sign. I generally balance out my scatterbrained self with follow-through actions.

Let’s Talk About My Education

In 2010, I moved to Atlanta, GA to attend Spelman College. I returned home to Bermuda ever summer until 2012. That is when I graduated from Spelman! I’ve been working in the city at Spelman College. In their Media & Information Technology Department.

In 2014, I graduated from Georgia State University with my Master of Science degree. My degree is in Information Systems! So, yes, I am a tech girl.

I stumbled on YouTube during my graduate school days. I had Tuesdays and Thursday to prepare for class. Since I was such a pre-planner when it came to my schoolwork. There would be days when I was able to focus on creating content for YouTube.

In 2015, I began some freelance work as a social media manager. At first, I thought because I used social media a lot, I would be good at it. Little did I know there is much more to social media than posting for posting’s sake!

Now, in 2017, I am ready to transition out of full-time employment into part-time status. I am ready to scare myself into hustling for more freelance engagements to build and live the life I want!

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