A Year Of Journaling: Entry 002

Thankful: 15 Things I Am Grateful for Right Now (Year of Journaling Series)

It is DAY 2 of this Year of Journaling series for 2017. If you missed the first entry, you can read it here! I must say that setting aside time to journal daily is very rewarding. Today, I found myself excited to wind down for the evening writing this blog post.

Sure, a part of it has to do with my love for writing. But I have noticed a shift in my attitude by making the decision to do a year of journaling.

Now, let’s jump right into this next entry!

Entry 002: A list of things you’re thankful for.

This is not a difficult as one would think it to be. Being grateful is something I practice daily. While I do not always write down what I am grateful for, I do express gratitude when I pray. I pray in the mornings when I rise. I also pray before I lay down to sleep because I do not know if I will wake up the following morning.

Here’s my list of what I am thankful for.

P.S. This list is not all-inclusive but I will be as exhaustive as I can be!

  1. Life. Waking up in the morning is NOT a sure thing.
  2. Relationships. I value connections with other people.
  3. Self Discovery. Choosing to get to know who I am is as important to me as getting to know other people.
  4. Kevin. That’s the name of my car. While he is overdue for some maintenance. God keeps him running well enough so that I can get to and from work.
  5. Day Job. My 9-5 is what pays the bills right now!
  6. Side Hustles. These keep me driven to create my amazing life. The will pay the bills, soon!
  7. Apartment. I downsized to a one-bedroom last month. BEST DECISION EVER
  8. Opportunities. I am blessed to be in my current situation. While there is more to come for me, I am content with what I have thus far.
  9. Spelman College C’2012. We are preparing for our ROOKIE reunion year this May!
  10. Atlanta, GA. Since I was 11 years-old, this city has been a second home to me. It is my current home. FILA (Forever I Love Atlanta).
  11. Bermuda. This is my birthplace. I don’t visit often, but I am motivated by my friends and family back home!
  12. Food. I did a 3-day detox at the beginning of the year and transitioned to the Daniel fast for another 11 days. Let’s say the struggle was REAL at times.
  13. Blogging. This year I am taking my freelance (aka side hustles) to the next level. Blogging is one area that I am trying to establish myself as a thought leader in.
  14. Partnerships. Brands have reached out to me in the past to collaborate. Some are still reaching out today! #blessed
  15. She Reads Truth. I found this website last year and signed up for their monthly study plans. One of my goals this year is to grow my relationship with Jesus Christ. What better way than to be a woman in the word of God every day!

I mean. I could go on and on AND ON about the things that I am grateful for. I’m sure there will be a follow-up post to this in the future. For now, I am going to end it here with an invitation for you let me know the things you are thankful for. Share them in the comments section below!

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