A Year of Journaling: Entry 003

Happy: It's The Small Things That Bring Us The Most Joy

Ha! We’re here for Day 3 of my Year of Journaling series! I am happy with my consistency thus far! This one is actually my favourite by far. I’ll give you a little background so you understand what I am talking about.

As an intellectual being. Seeking new information, daily. I value depth. I’m not a fan of superficial conversations. Friendships and relationships that lack change are difficult for me to stay in. For all my soul searching and seeking actions, I am the exact opposite at times.

Appreciating the small, simple things in life! Now that you know that little tidbit about me, let’s dive into the next entry.

Entry 003: Small things that make you happy.

Being given chocolate. I am not quite sure if my mum ate a lot of it while she was pregnant with me. But I love chocolate! I am even more tickled when I am given my FAVOURITE candy bar. Hint: It is a UK brand that is sold at Kroger in the USA.

Getting fresh flowers weekly. I started doing this for myself back in 2016. I only got consistent over the last few weeks. It was a self-care action that may seem like a desperate move to some. You may think I am hinting to someone special in my life to get me more flowers. In actuality, it is a reminder to myself that I have to express love of Self, first!

Wearing a gifted pink bracelet. It was an unexpected gift from a guy I was dating. I remember my friends asking me if a smaller piece of jewelry (i.e. an engagement ring) was next. At the time (and right now) I have no clue what the future holds in that relationship. But, I do have happy thoughts when I wear it.

Cuddling my favourite teddy bear. I found out from my mum recently that my favourite toy as a child was a teddy bear. There are pictures of me as a baby holding a pink teddy. That might explain my love of the colour pink, as well. I have not done any deeper soul searching into what it is about teddy bears. But for now, I believe they provide a certain level of comfort. They also remind me of the person who gave it to me and how they feel/felt about me!

Going for a walk in the park. There are plenty of open area spaces in Atlanta. Some of which I got the chance to check out last Fall when I joined the Buckhead Church Running Group! Whether solo, with a significant other, or a group of friends. There is something special about being outside and connecting with myself or others!

When people remember interesting facts about me. I am a talkative person. If there were limits to the words we could speak daily. I would run out by midday, every day! A guy I dated once shared a story about the song “Show Me Love” by Robin S that I told him about my childhood. The story isn’t super spectacular. But it was the fact that he remembered and was able to share it. That swooned me!

Sleeping in on the weekends. Like most millennials and overachievers. Getting up early is a ritual for me during the work week (Monday – Friday). It is quite refreshing and appreciated when I can sleep in an extra hour or two on the weekends.

Listening to a music playlist. I am a premium subscriber to Spotify. I no longer hear adsĀ and I LOVE IT! One of my favourite features of the application are the playlists. The ones curated by Spotify and other brands are great. I also love the ability to create playlists of my own. Most of mines are based on certain moods I am in. For example, I have a playlist entitled “Me” that includes any song I come across that speaks to me in that moment.

When a guy opens the door for me. Chivalry never died. Society told women to be more independent and not depend on men. As a progressive 20-something, I fell victim to this mentality. For a while. If I arrived at the door first, why should I wait to let him open the door for me? “I am already here”, I would reason. It wasn’t until I shifted my mindset to becoming the woman I am meant to be. It wasn’t until I recognized a men’s desire to do that small, kind act. If I’m dating the guy, it’s even sweeter. But as a general act of kindness, men enjoy being chivalrous. Even the most indifferent, nonchalant man knows the importance of being a gentleman. After all, he has a mum he loves dearly!

To be completely honest, I could go sit here and write all night! On the one hand, I am listening to an amazing song by August Alsina that has me in my feelings! LOL. But also, I love writing, so it doesn’t take much to get me going!

For now, I will end this entry here and see if there are any small things that make you smile. What are somethings that make you happy? Let me know in the comment section below!

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