A Year of Journaling: Entry 004

Celebrate: Running My First 5K Was Great. Being Healthy is Awesome!

Ok. So I am back with the fourth entry into my Year of Journaling series! I took the last 3 days off. This was not by design or intention. I wanted to journal daily. So, I celebrate being able to consistently do it for the first 3 days.

But this past weekend, my body and mind had a different idea. Although, I am still in the beginning stages of my journaling journey. Hello, alliteration, LOL. I am obsessed with self-care and self-love this year. So, when myself said, “let’s relax this weekend.” I listened to Her.

With that bit of background information done, let’s jump into today’s entry!

Entry 004: The last time you celebrated something.

This is ACTUALLY pretty easy for me to remember. On January 22, 2017, I participated in my first organised running event. I do not know if Sports Days count from my early school days. If they do, they this is the first one since I graduated from College and University!

Last weekend, I ran my first 5K event. It was the Hot Chocolate 5K. Full disclosure. I thought this was the perfect first 5K for me since there was hot chocolate at the end. After reading Entry 003, you know my love for chocolate.

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My celebration in running my first 5K was RESTING! I did catch a little slight something from running in that cooler weather. It wasn’t major, but I did take a day off to boost my immune system before returning to work earlier today.

I am making a big deal about this particular run for a few reasons.

Reason #1:

I joined a running group last year. It was in that running group that I made the declaration that I would run my first 5 soon. One of the group members shared information about the Hot Chocolate 5K. And I found it! The first 5K I would run.

Reason #2:

I have a family to be healthy for. Right now, it’s my Mum and I. Soon, it will be a husband and some children. They all deserve the best version of me that I can be. So, right now while I have very little responsibilities. This is the best time for me to get in the habit of being active. The goal is to inspire my mum to be more active. Then to have a fitness and wellness partner in my husband. So, that we can be awesome examples for our children. It’s a great plan, I know!

Reason #3:

I do not stop to celebrate my accomplishments. If this was pre-2017, I would have said I did a 5K last weekend. Then I would have talked about what I need to get done today. To be honest, what I need to get done will still be there. Whether I celebrate or not. But, I know that for my mental health and self-esteem, I need to celebrate my small wins. They keep my spirits high. They remind me I can do anything I put my mind to. They give me the encouragement I need to stay focused!

On my 2017 Vision Board is a mantra. I am healthy in mind, body, and spirit. That is my ultimate goal. To be healthy in those 3 areas. Running a 5K was the first step in being healthy in my body. I have more work to do! But, I am here to tell you that it is possible.

If you start thinking about whatever you want to do today. Whether you do it today or 6 months from now, it will get done. You have to be specific about your goal. Do not focus on the HOW. Remember the WHY and the rest will work itself.

Now, it’s your turn! What fitness goals do you have for 2017? Have you crushed any yet? Let me know in the comments section below.

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