Yesterday, I Wrote a Poem

Yesterday, I Wrote a Poem

Writing has always been a way for people, including myself, to express themselves.  From poets to authors. From novelists to autobiographers. The written word as difficult as it may be for some, comes second nature to others. I am blessed to be one of the people who have the talent for writing.

But talent is the beginning of it. The second part is the passion. Being passionate about things in life is the reason why those things work. As a result today I am sharing with you a poem I wrote on Snapchat a few weeks back.

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I wrote a poem yesterday. I wanted you to read it.
I wanted you to understand me. I wanted you to get me a little better.
You didn’t have time for me. You were too busy with school, work, and life.
You said you know it was an amazing piece. That reading it wouldn’t change that.
But reading it changes us. It means I trust you. I care for you.
Most notably, that I love you. Enough to share the deepest part of me.
Since you refused to read it because you were too busy with work, school and life.
The story ends a one sided love story after years of grey areas and uncertainty.
Because the chapter that takes us from the present to the future was never read.

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