Here’s What January 2017 Looked Like For Me

Written Words: Here's What January 2017 Looked Like For Me

I have, to be honest with you. Blogging is HARD WORK! I am a lover of written words. Poetry is my go-to style of writing. Letters would be my second choice. Coming in third would be long-form blog posts and magazine articles.

English was not my favourite subject in school. It was actually Math because I KILLED IT! I did well in English. That is because I have a natural talent for written words.

In 2016, I was browsing Twitter, as I do from time to time when I have free time at work. I came across this tweet:

At the time, I was still on the clock. So I liked the tweet and went back to work. During my lunch break, I read through the blog post and said, “YES, this is what I need to do on my blog”.

There are so many reasons why I wanted to do this type of blog post. The main one is the mental health benefits of self-reflection and self-study. Circa 2015, I was averse to looking within to find the answers I seek. But present day 2017. I am all for meditations, quiet times, journaling and anything else that helps me get to know me!

Without further ado, I am going to take stock of January 2017. Sharing my highs and my lows with you. If you would like to something similar for yourself click here to download a free printable!

The First 7 Written Words

  • Made: A budget for the month that I was able to stick to.
  • Cooked: Food that aligns with the Daniel fast. I did the fast from January 1 until January 14!
  • Drank: Water & Hot Chocolate. Every now and then cups of 100% Cranberry Juice from Trader Joe’s
  • Read: The Wait by Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin, John: Come and See by
  • Trawled: Instagram for pictures of women with Natural Hair
  • Wanted: To run a 5K in under 30 minutes.
  • Looked For: Places to visit this year

Written Words: Here's What January 2017 Looked Like For Me

The Second 7 Written Words

  • Decided: It is okay to be alone. Even though you want to connect with others more.
  • Wished: I had the iPhone 7 right now. Soon, though. Very very soon!
  • Enjoyed: Spending time connecting and building relationships with women who have similar personal and spiritual goals as me.
  • Waited For: God’s to send me Mr Right
  • Liked: Reading The Wait
  • Wondered: If now is the right time to start freelancing more
  • Loved: Becoming more in love with myself

Written Words: Here's What January 2017 Looked Like For Me

The Third 7 Written Words

  • Pondered: If I would ever find the kind of love I have had in past relationships in the future
  • Listened To: Too Much by Kehlani, Proud Wifey by Denyque, and Wait by August Alsina
  • Considered: Getting back with an ex out of sheer loneliness
  • Bought: Some white roses for myself.
  • Watching: Being Mary Jane, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder with my neighbour and her friend!
  • Hoping: For an amazing 2017. The first month has been #BLESSED
  • Marvelling: Over the fact that my friend had her first baby. A prince named Zendé.

The Fourth 7 Written Words

  • Cringed: At the thought that I may have caught the flu AGAIN from my little friends at Waumba Land
  • Needed: To reflect on my 2016 to prepare for 2017
  • Questioned: If I would be as successful as I dream I will be
  • Smelt: Some really bad diapers while volunteering at Waumba Land
  • Wore: Lots of layers during the few COLD days we have had. I should let you know. Cold to me is below 70 degrees!
  • Followed: A few brands on Instagram that celebrate and encourage women to be their best self.
  • Noticed: That I don’t want or need attention from people who do not serve my life’s purpose

Written Words: Here's What January 2017 Looked Like For Me

The Fifth 7 Written Words

  • Knew: I would be okay with 2016 ended because 2017 promises to be my best year ever!
  • Thought: About transitioning into a new company doing something similar to what I currently do at my Day Job
  • Admired: The story of the black women who worked at NASA to help launch America’s first astronaut into Space.
  • Got:
  • Bookmarked: Anything related to social media management and marketing. Also, tips on blogging.
  • Disliked: Knowing that my current company could not sponsor my employment visa
  • Opened: Up to people, I do not know. But, I plan to build a positive, healthy relationship with each of them.

Written Words: Here's What January 2017 Looked Like For Me

The Sixth 7 Written Words

  • Giggled: With close friends and family members about the little things in life that make us smile!
  • Felt: The early stages of full on contentment
  • Helped: Sort out medical supplies to be sent to Haiti
  • Heard: A few
  • Celebrated: The successful completion of my VERY FIRST 5K run in Atlanta, GA!
  • Pretended: To enjoy dealing with rude customers over the phone
  • Embraced: The ever-changing flow of my life

Written Words: Here's What January 2017 Looked Like For Me

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