Relationships: I’m Hurt! Did You Really Mean What You Said?

Relationships: I’m Hurt! Did You Really Mean What You Said?

Like most things in my life, I am learning every day how to be better than I was the day before. Relationships, for me, are a challenge to master.

Sure. I know how to treat people. But, do I always treat them that way? Nope. Not at all.

A friend of mines, Shannen, ask me about how we interact in relationships when we are emotional. We being women but this blog post is relevant to men as well.

I will share my insight on how emotions can harm your romantic relationships. But, I urge you to think about how they can affect other types of relationships. Such as your familial and friendships.

For me, it is easiest to talk about intimate relationships. It seems to resonate with readers. I guess because we are all struggle in some way or another to master relationships.

Before I continue, I would like to thank Shannen for this suggestion. I hope as you read these words you become aware of who you are in your relationships.

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R&B Singer, Kehlani’s Debut Album SweetSexySavage Is My 2017 Vision Board

SweetSexySavage: R&B Singer, Kehlani's Debut Album Is My 2017 Vision Board

I have been trying to find a way to talk about my 2017 vision board. Then BAE dropped her debut album, SweetSexySavage! And there it was. A way for me to talk about my 2017 vision board and do an album review on SweetSexySavage. #WINNING

My first official blog was then1989. It was a blog where I wrote about my love of Caribbean music. I had some personal posts on there, as well. All the personal posts now live here on But the music blog posts are in an XML document waiting to be loaded to my music blog. If I ever relaunch one!

Full disclosure. This blog post will not be your typical music review. I will not break down the nuances of the album, name drop producers. Nor will I even describe any of Kehlani’s visuals to you. I will link where appropriate.

But, in this blog post, I share my vision for 2017 and how Kehlani’s debut album speaks to it! If you are looking for a traditional album review of SweetSexySavage. I would recommend you read this post.

Now, let’s get to MY post!

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