Fashionably Late

It’s hard to be a 22-year-old female in today’s society and not be a tad bit obsessed with fashion. There’s so much to love and dislike about fashion, from the sketches to the final products there is an aspect in fashion for EVERY fashionista’s dream. I like to think that every female can be a fashionista of her own style, but sometimes that is not always the case. Sometimes the ‘daring diva‘ fashionista takes it too far on campus and other times the ‘reserved damsel‘ doesn’t go far enough for the party scene. Nevertheless, the differences of people are most notably expressed in the fashion world.

This is not a blog about how to style yourself or what is a fashionista or modeling or the fashion world as a whole. I am simply going to share with you my latest fashion obsession.

I have been in on-again, off-again relationship with my ‘fashionista’ self. In Bermuda, it was not always easy to find the latest fashions at reasonable pricing. However, I had the pleasure of being granted an internship at and I was introduced to the Art of thrifting and a slew of stores that had reasonable pricing – it was just a matter of actually finding those stores. So my love for fashion and being able to afford those fashion found it’s soul-mate in Style Bermuda. Collecting fashion magazine became another obsession of mines, clipping looks that I wanted in my closet and looks that I thought just looked amazing (which were too expensive for my budget but fashionable nonetheless) all collectively boosted my love for fashion that eventually became a passion of mines.

I have recently found that my deep passion for fashion is rooted in design despite my inability to draw very well. Hence, my latest fashion obsession – JEWELRY making. I found that it does not required that much drawing if any at all and I am more of a visual person anyway. I’d do better showing someone a design that I wish to create than to actually draw it. So sampling is where I can see myself.

By the end of 2012: it is my goal to have launched a jewelry line and to be selling that jewelry under the name “Fashionably Late Designs“. There’s no mystic, deep meaning behind it. Although I can create one: however, simplicity is what I promote. So readers be on the look out for updates on this site, which will feature the first line of designs created by me in the upcoming months and do spread the word because exclusive deals will be given to the early supporters!

Until next time

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You Never Know

I’ve heard from many sources that it is not so much about what you know anymore as it is about who you know. For a while, I was puzzled as to what this meant. I thought “But how can my being in school not matter as much or more than who I happened to know“. I can’t remember exactly when I first heard that notion, it was probably when I was transitioning from middle school into high school; the naivety I had to actually think that in upcoming years the knowledge I had would actually outweigh the people I knew and their ability to assist me was evident. Sure, in a perfect world one’s educational attainment would have more of a bearing on various decisions than who the person knows. But then again, is that even a perfect world? Who says that because someone received a higher education they are of more value than someone who did not receive the higher education? Then again, what about one’s innate ability to understand simplistic versus complex concepts?

The way of the world today is somewhat scary in that out of the 100% certainty behind a “Yes” answer there is more than 50% which is relied solely on who you may or may not know. Did you know the interviewer, did the interviewer know you, did the interviewer know someone who knew you, and etc. etc. etc! I can come up with a slew of¬† “who knew who” that is used as justification for saying “Yes” to someone rather than saying “No”.

However, the initial reason for this post was to explore how sometimes we as people forget how to be humble for knowing whomever it is that we know. I had a personal encounter in this regard last week Friday. Story time!

Last week, I asked a friend of mines to start me in lessons on the turntables. I’ve been wanting to learn how to mix for years now and I finally said to myself: “It’s either now or never to learn so just go for it!” To skip the play-by-play and to give you the moral of the story, a negative comment was made about a company that I am affiliated with, DaFlavaRadio, and I took offense and defended my position, Radio Personality, at the company but there was an awkward moment after that comment was made.

The hot-tempered Island Woman could have come out in me and I could have flew off the handle something major, but I chose not to. I figured it would make a great blog post and a lesson to anyone affiliated with the person, Chiney K, and the company, CaribVibesRadio, from which the comment was made. Personally, I went to the event not really knowing what to expect but I am a very open-minded individual and I believe from every experience a lesson can be learned. Additionally, networking is always an option when meeting new people. I would never walk into anyone’s establishment and disrespect their craft or what they are doing.

When I started by talking about it’s who you know more so than what you know, it lead into this issue. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but it would serve you well to humble your opinion to take the form of constructive criticism versus sounding like you are being disrespectful. At the end of the day, no one knows what opportunities or challenges he/she may face tomorrow and by choosing to think before you speak can do you more good than harm.

I could have not named where the comments came from or who they were targeted towards but honestly it was said, an apology was given and this post is not to disrespect anyone but to shed light on the fact that if you are not humble in all that you do, your arrogance, cockiness and overt confidence can hurt you more than it helps you.

So I leave you all on that note with the following two quotes below. Please feel free to comment or spread the message.

Teaching is the highest form of understanding.” – Aristotle … “Humility is the gateway into the grace and the favor of God.” – Harold Warner

Until the next post

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Love For Culture

If you have meet me in person or seen my tweets on Twitter you probably know something about what I love. It’s really no secret, my Twitter profile tells you “CARIBBEAN music enthusiast” and that is the honest truth. Granted, the island I hail from is not considered to be a Caribbean island but you couldn’t visit Bermuda and not notice the Caribbean cultural influences in the way we live our lives, the way we carry ourselves but especially in the music we listen to. For that reason, I consider myself and my culture to be Caribbean-influenced.

We’re a laid-back people, Bermudians. For the most part we’re not as fast paced as the major cities of the United States or even London from our Colonial Power, Great Britain. But do not take our laid-back characteristic as a weakness, we as a people know exactly what we want for ourselves. Personally, music is what I want! I cannot really express how much I love music, more specially Caribbean music such as Reggae and Dancehall. Initially, I believe it was because my mother used to play music at home every chance she could on her record player; it wasn’t reggae, however. But seeing how much my mother loved the music she played, I think that intrigued me into finding out why she loved music so much and finding a love all my own. Sounds kind of corny, but looking back on my childhood that is exactly what I was trying to do.

Today, I can say I am a complete¬†lover of Reggae music. Culturally, I was raised with Caribbean traditions and music was a prominent part of that. When I listen to reggae music at home, using my iPod or in the car I get an amazing feeling, literally it feels like chills. That is a feeling I have been chasing since I was a tiny tot but I never could explain it, I just knew when I listened to music I wanted to feel amazing! Again, kind of corny but it’s my reality.

My dream job, the career I want to build, is based within the Reggae music industry. I used to think I wanted to be in the overall music industry but my love for Reggae trumps all other genres and Reggae music does not receive the International success it deserves. SO THAT IS MY GOAL! It may even be my mission and reason for being, but I shall tackle that info at another time. For now my love for reggae is all the motivation I need to pursue a dream I’ve had since a little girl…that is to be a true lover of music and do whatever I can within the industry.

I hope you will do the same whatever it is you are passionate about. I leave you with two quotes that have inspired me to constantly do whatever it is that makes me happy…

Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” – Aristotle … “Become who you are!” – Friedrich Nietzsche

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