Top Hair Products I Used Last Year

Hair Products: Here's The Top Products Used Last Year (2016)

2016 is over, finally! To be quite honest with you, last year was not my favourite to date. I have unsubscribed from both Curl Kit and curlBOX for over 2 years at that point.

Thus, I was not receiving new products every month like I had in years past. That is in part why my YouTube channel suffered. I did not have any products to unbox for my subscribers.

Despite that fact, I have a cabinet and mini-storage container filled with products I have yet to try. So, in reality, I was being lazy.

Today, I am here to show you some of the products I used in 2016! This will be my first product haul video. This format is new for me as I usually do unbox videos on my YouTube channel.

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December 2016 – Product Junkie Box

Product Junkie Box: Wake Up and Slay - December 2016

It’s a New Year! Last month, I received my final product junkie box for the year 2016. That at first, seemed like a sad moment. But then when I received the box, I remembered why I love the delivery system of the PJB.

Every other month, I receive a new beauty subscription box from the PJB team! December 2016’s theme was “Wake Up and Slay”. As you will see in the video below, I created an intro that played into that theme!

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A Year of Journaling: Entry 003

Happy: It's The Small Things That Bring Us The Most Joy

Ha! We’re here for Day 3 of my Year of Journaling series! I am happy with my consistency thus far! This one is actually my favourite by far. I’ll give you a little background so you understand what I am talking about.

As an intellectual being. Seeking new information, daily. I value depth. I’m not a fan of superficial conversations. Friendships and relationships that lack change are difficult for me to stay in. For all my soul searching and seeking actions, I am the exact opposite at times.

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