Oh, Woe Is Me

Ok. Every once in a while the cheerful Terri that my friends have grown to love, gets sad or in a bad mood =( – but I am human and I think it goes without saying that I am far from perfection. For me to have a perfectly, happy mood always would be weird, honestly speaking. In light of my recent sad states, I was ultimately inspired to write this blog post.

It is rather easy to stay in a state of sadness because I found that your ‘care level’ is extremely low, so there is nothing truly motivating you to change your mood. That is when the bad mood becomes dangerous, in my opinion. It is not healthy to be depressed or border-line depressed – hence the reason for the wonderful pills that those in the medical field love to prescribe to their patients. Beside who truly likes to be sad ALL THE TIME?

I personally hated when I was in my little rut, it’s not a fun experience when you are usually a very happy-go-lucky, optimistic, carefree individual and somehow something gets into your brain and you can’t seem to shake the feeling. It’s one of those things that no matter how much people show you they care, because they see your mood has changed, it only seems to aggravate you more. Not that you do not appreciate the gesture, unless you’re just that mean of a person, but same way it can sometimes be a bother to the person for the mere fact that they cannot seem to shake the sad feeling. Everyone likes to believe that people have control over their feelings, which I agree with, but there comes a point that once you are feeling a certain way – it is more difficult to change your mood at another request if you have no clue why you’re feeling that way.

Now, effective communication is the key element to a great relationship – no matter how it is defined. I have found that in times of sadness or just a bad mood, communication can be as detrimental as it is helpful. Take for a example, a person who prefers to deal with their issues alone and you are a person who loves to express your feelings, to square everything off before moving forward – that conversation will not go well when you try to find out what is wrong with that sad person. Assuming that you have no clue that the other person is an introvert and does not like to talk through their problems, you will create all types of issues just by pressing the issue of a “we need to talk through this so we can move forward“-speech. In the same breath, if you are the person who prefers to deal with thing in your own time and space, you may find yourself (or have found yourself) coming back to the same issues when you are feeling down because you never dealt with it the first few times it came to your attention.

Everyone deals with their life differently – what may upset one person that doesn’t upset another will be handle completely differently. It may be that the roles switch later in life, so that the person who was not upset previously may not find those things that did not upset them before now do. I’m not a believer so much in astrology or the idea of the Universe and it’s mystic controlling life – but I do believe that the energy you put out towards others will be reciprocated to you by Jah’s works. The friends you keep should show you a pretty good example of the type of person you are, internally. If you have a slew of friends who are negative towards just about everything under the Sun and above the Clouds – I would STRONGLY suggest you reevaluate those relationships. Your circle of trust is the first line of defense you have for those times when you are feelings sincerely down.

Those are the very people who know things about you that should help you when you are feeling sad or upset. They should understand you little quirks and when to leave you alone or to press the issue further. They shouldn’t get upset with you when you request time alone to think and deal with a part of the issue for which you wish to do so on your own. If at anytime you are feeling upset and your circle gets upset with you, TIME TO REEVALUATE those people’s role in your life. Life happens and when it does – you’re circle of trust should be there to aid you in anyway that they can, not create a new problem or add fuel to the fire of the existing one.

If all else fails, enlist the assistance of music, personally this is my weapon of choice during those times when I am sincerely upset and talking seems to create a greater problem than I am prepared to handle at the moment. I have found that when I go on a search for music to bring my spirits up, my mind tends to clear and I can see the bigger picture again.

Also, sometimes I write out what is bothering me in a notebook, as well. I try to be as HONEST as possible when I write, most people claim to be honest during conversation but you might find yourself without holding your true feeling when talking it out with people because you are afraid of their reactions, if they’ll judge you, etc. I feel that writing can help you get everything out then organize your feelings in your own order of priorities. Somethings that are bothering you may be as simple as just writing them out to see how silly it is for you to make an issue over while other things you may not have realized were bothering you as much! Whatever your method of choice, please I ask that you do not get ‘lazy in  your sadness’ and stick in it for too long. The longer your stay in Sadness Ville, the less enjoyable of a person you are to be around =D

Until next time… Namaste

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The Pink Matter

So, readers, I have struggled for a topic to blog about today. Not that I am uninspired but there are just so many things on my mind that I wanted talk about. As you know from possibly reading my uber-short bio in the About page on the blog or by following my Twitter account and reading that bio – you would know that I am a music fiend, like no other. I have found yet another site for networking and getting new exclusive music from some major artists as well as many indie artists as well. Anytime I am writing a post about a specific single, music video or anything music I tend to open my post with this little speech about my love affair with music. LOL.

But really what this post about women’s idea of sex appeal for themselves and other women; and men’s too but since I am a young woman I can only offer what I believe woman think of in this regards. If you are a male and would like to comment on this post – by ALL means – do so!

Ordinarily when I think of a girl’s night out with my ladies – usually the first thing after we’ve decided where we are going is what we are going to wear. Never in an effort to color coordinate but at least to figure out what types of clothes we would like to wear – skirt versus dress, shorts versus leggings. My personal rule is if it is warm enough outside I will more than likely be wearing shorts or a skirt. I dislike winter wear to put on, I love the outfits that are styled during the winter time. I truly despise wearing so many layers of clothing – so less is much better in my world. Usually ladies night involves a club as the venue and when this is so – SHORTS are by far my number one bottom choice. I love to dance – so any clothing that restricts my movement is a big no-no and totally avoided from my closet. I’ll skip the details of how tops, accessories and make up is done in preparation for a night out for a moment to move to the reason behind this post.

I don’t know if this is true for males, but I know for myself and probably most other females when choosing clothes to wear to the club the main motivation for tight versus loose, long versus short is the opposite sex, men. In a woman’s mind what is attractive to a male when he looks at a female is what helps to determine her outfit for the night. I do this almost every time I get dressed for a night on the town, whether I mean to or not. Not that I am trying to get picked up by a guy at the club but that can be a primary motivation for some women; to dress overtly sexy in order to somehow scoop a beau by the end of the night. (This is not to say that I have never done it or seen a handsome guy at the other of the dancefloor and thought ‘yum’ but as of late that’s not my motivation.)

The main reason I no longer dress “overtly” sexy for any male attention is because most of the time that attention is ill-gotten and received. Think about it: if you dress to turn the opposite sex on or to appeal to their sexual desires then they react with those intentions at the forefront of their mind and you feel disrespected by it…who’s fault is that really? Women are usually the ones who feel a certain way when this occurs (again I am not commenting on males because I am not one). No we do not verbally ask men to be disrespectful when we wear crop tops that expose our bellies or shorts and skirts that have our legs out, from the upper thigh downwards. Still, it can be expect that if a man see something which he looks attractive to his eye and appeases his desire – most of the time he will act or react to those desires.

So now what? Ladies want to be free to dress ‘sexy’ in their opinion without being harassed and men want to ask for a dance in the club without a woman thinking he is trying to disrespect her. I have a few suggestions which are things I do when I go out.

  1. I dress for me and me alone! When I pick out an outfit the only thing I think of when I look at myself in the mirror for final approval is “Terri, do you feel comfortable wearing this?” If there is any doubt at that point, I will change whatever it is about my outfit that doesn’t make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world that matters to me. Super confident, I know!
  2. Test dance in the mirror. If you are unsure if the length of your skirt or dress is appropriate or will allow to dance a certain way, try it at home. I’m always dancing in front of my mirror – to test clothes or just for the fun of it – but every time before I go out I buss a little wine or two, three or as many as I feel (LOL) to test out my outfit. I pick up ways to buss my wine the way I usually do but with modifications depending on my outfit.
  3. Watch your liquor!  Time and time again, this is by far the NUMBER ONE reason women act wild in the club and feel they are being mistreated (Myself included). I’m not saying don’t drink while out but if  you know a certain liquor brings out a different side of you that is not very ‘lady like’ then stay away from it when in a setting where you are less likely to be able to control certain things about your environment.
  4. Do not expose your parts. Okay, this is tied to #3 and definitely is correlated to how much liquor you do intake – but PLEASE if you are conscious of how your clothing is moving, do not let your private body parts come out for peepshow activities in the club. It is quite embarrassing on your part and the part of other women in the club when that ONE drunk female has her boob out or her vagina exposed because she decided not to wear a bra or thong underneath her outfit. That’s a self-respect thing, which I cannot truly advise but to do some soul searching and meditate with Jah once or twice or thrice a day!
  5. You are you, dress accordingly. May sound similar to #1 but it is VERY different. When I say dress accordingly, I mean for your body size and type. Petite women can and cannot wear certain clothing because of their size, while heavier women have the same dilemma. Please, do not think men find it cute when you’re a heavy wearing a petite sized woman’s clothing. Petite, do not over compensate because you are small. Wearing bra tops and underwear style pants is not cute either. (Somebody probably said that about my sequence shorts on Saturday but they were SHORTS & I looked bad in them, but I digress)

These 5 suggestions are not law, they are not even all the tips I could provide on this topic. But they are the most prevalent ones I could think of since my night at Thrive this passed Saturday. You could say I broke almost all of my suggestions if you saw me when I was out because I did wear a bra as a top, with a floral over-shirt that I tied to expose my belly and I had on black shorts which stopped at the upper upper portion of my thing AND wore 5″ high heels – but I can tell  you when I wrote these suggestions I thought of everything I did before I left my house for the club and everything I suggested I did or somehow influenced my choice of clothing. I could have felt disrespected when guys were touching me trying to pull me in for a dance – but I have this rule if I do not feel comfortable going to dance with you, I will politely adjust my body position to decline your request. (Sometimes I get aggressive and rude if you’ve tried more than once, LOL) I went out that night with all intentions of enjoying a night with my girlfriend CT and that’s exactly what I did.

So ladies (and gents) next time you go out to the club, be mindful of how it is you want to be treated or how you plan to treat someone. Despite how they are dressed whether it says she’s easy or not, he will take you home and put it down – just remember ‘how you wanted to be treated is how you should treat others’. Futhermore, if that was your child in the club dressed as such – how would  you want them to be treated?

Until next time… Namaste

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Securely Insecure

So. I’ve decided to do a post about relationships, feelings, etc. Do not expect to find out any juicy details about my love life though, I most certainly will not indulge in such details online, LOL. But I’ve had a few things on my mind related to relationships and feelings, so I have been inspired to share them with you, my readers. Disclaimer: I am not a relationship guru, I am merely sharing my opinion and thoughts on the topic of relationships.

Relationships are an interesting concept to me. I say this because there are so many types of relationships people can come up with at the drop of a dime. For example, there are the general ones – family, friend, lover, enemy. But then under those, people have come up with some interesting additional types. Like you can be a close friend but not a best friend, a friend but not a lover ie. friend with benefits, you can be a friend who secretly hates but not a hater, and the list goes on. How men and women define these relationships TOO is intricate as well. The Mars v. Venus concept is the most general that I can think of: Men are less emotional beings than women and as such, women tend to get caught up in the many varying definitions of a relationship. Whereas a man, may keep things simple – we’re friends till we’re boyfriend/girlfriend till we’re fiance/fiancee till we’re husband/wife – and at each stage there is a mere difference in the relationship, that is the level of commitment and expectations.

Communication is by far the one thing I can say that I think makes or breaks a relationship. Couples that look cute together that do not communicate with each other are just for show. If he feels she is just his friend and as such acts accordingly but she gets upsets cause she never asked where they stood in their relationship, a problem exists. Jealousy is born and from it manifest drama, the one thing women are most often associated with. A negative generalization that has plagued women, historically. Conversely, men have an equally damaging generalization, that is the notion that all men are players, dogs,  cheaters, unable to be faithful, etc. In both situations, there are misconceptions about the other person but very rarely is effective communication a chosen remedy. Men go on ignoring women when they want to ‘talk’ and women continue to believe every guy they deal with will somehow do them wrong.

But before either a relationship forms and effective communication is used – one must actually like someone else: feelings! This is by far the kryptonite for many women, I personally have not known too many guys to express themselves being caught up in their feelings. This may be so because men are known to be very macho, emotionless, and prideful beings. Because women are wired to be more emotional than men, when a woman likes someone you can bet she is most certainly ‘all in‘! It can be a good thing in the sense that most women only their feelings for someone to keep them loyal. However it can be a bad thing, as some women get too caught up in their emotions, what they believe their relationship to be but are terrible communicators. Yet, another problem exists.

So having said all of that, I offer my opinion on relationships, communications and feelings:

  • Open, honest communication is necessary: It is by far one of the hardest things to accomplish if you are not an effective communicator but I promise you it will make a world of a difference. Too many times people blame situations on the person they like because in their eyes that person was wrong. I bet if they had a conversation about whatever was bothering them before it got too far, they wouldn’t be at all upset.
  • Express how you feel, when you feel it: Waiting till later is the devil! LoL. Extreme but I’m so serious about this one. You’d be surprised how much stress and drama you can rid in your life if you just tell people how you feel when you feel it. (I personally fail at this one, so you’re not alone)
  • Assume nothing: Ha! Assumptions are the devil’s off-springs. Just because you think it should be a certain way, you feel it is this way – I promise you the other person may not be feeling the same way you are. An assumption is a lie people tell themselves then are usually surprised when they find out the truth.
  • Do things because you want to: Please please please, pay particular attention to this note. Too many people, ladies and gents, only do things to get something in return or because they feel obligated to. WRONG! If you like/love someone, do whatever it is you plan on doing for them genuinely because you want to do it, intrinsically. You’ll begin to dislike that person if you do things for them out of guilt or because you are looking to receive something back and you never get it. If you have to explain to that person why you will not do something for them then do so. But you will have a rocky relationship if you constantly only do things because you think it is expected because you did it once before.
  • Be happy in like/love: Above everything else try to remain positive. If nothing else, try to keep a positive attitude with and around the person you like/love. Some days you may have a bad day and it just may be that person’s presence to brighten you up and vice versa. If nothing else be okay with however your relationship is set up and if you’re not, get out of it! Don’t stick around or continue playing the game, because you scared to be without that person in your life. If  you’re not happy, it’s not meant to be – SIMPLE!

Well readers, that’s my take on relationships at this present moment in time. Who knows tomorrow I may read this and be like ‘What was I thinking’ and be in a new state of mind, relationship-wise or a few weeks from now I may be right back in this same mind set. I hope this post offered you sound advice and a solid perspective on relationships, feelings, and communication. Whether you agree, disagree, may try a thing or two, or that you think what I wrote is silly – your opinion and you’re entitled to it.

Until next time … Namaste!

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Incorrect, Politically Speaking

When I decided to start a new website, I had initially anticipated that it would go like most of my other web projects have in the past – after a few weeks I would neglect them to the point of no return then try to start a new one and the cycle would continue over again. This time though, I sincerely made a pledge with myself that I would care for this website much more than I have my sites in the past. I can say that Social Media has helped in that regard because it allows me to communicate with my friends in real time and let them know when a new post is up – then from there they can view the link whilst they are already online rather than trying to remember to do so when they got home later! #GENIUS – this idea of social media is.

Last time I blogged I was in a very positive mind state in reference to my Country home and I still am. However, this post isn’t to foster unity of #teamBDA but to speak to them, and others, in a different tone. I come from Paradise on earth and that is THE truth. It is truly a blessing to have been raised on an Island as wonderful and beautiful as Bermuda. Sure, I clown about there being nothing to do at times – but that is really because I didn’t want to explore my island outside of what I knew to be ‘fun’ and ‘entertaining’. As I have grown, since living the island, I have found that your environment is only as mundane as you allow it be. Just because there isn’t a large amusement park to spend an entire day at doesn’t mean that there isn’t other forms of entertainment. One just has to be willing to explore activities outside of what they are comfortable exploring.

Recently in my beautiful island home, there has been a culture shift. Personally, I do not know why, when or who decided upon this change but I am most certainly opposed to it. This is for many reasons. The first has occurred within the school system, students and faculty alike. Today’s generation of students are on a totally amp’d level as compared to when I was in school. Sure we tested boundaries with teachers, tried to see how far we could get doing things our way before we were reminded of the rules and had classic ‘fights’ of words or physically. But the amount of disrespect I have witnessed and heard of lately is sincerely appalling.  I was no angel, nor were some of my classmates, but we most certainly knew when it was time to stop because we were jiving too much.

Secondly, this is not a unique issue to Bermuda but a prominent issue in my eyes – our politics. For as LONG as I can remember I have been adamant about not caring about or following the politics of Bermuda for one reason – THEY ARE ALL CROOKS. But upon educating myself I realized one very important thing, most enter into the realm of politics with the sincere desire and goal to truly make a difference but it is ignorant people, such as I was back then, who criticize and pass judgement on the politicians which make the job even harder. However, I say this not to give anyone an excuse because despite my innate love for my country and how she is run; there are some politicians with whom I do not think I could work with. Call it what you want, but I personally believe that politicians should have formal education within a specific area and specialize. A business administration background should not be accepted for the Minister of Finance, unless the concentration was in accounting and finance. It makes no sense for a Sociology or Psychology major to run a ministry that focuses on eCommerce or Telecommunications unless they worked in either industry for several years and experienced a tremendous change in the operation of that industry. Truthfully speaking, government is an institution I personally do not agree with fully, but because it is one that I must live with I feel it should be operated with the UTMOST transparency and with the right minds handling their specialty and their specialty ALONE.

My final issue and probably the most pressing for me personally is the increase of violence and the blame that is place on others, ie. Government, the Police force. This issue stems from a lot of places – mainly home life dysfunction, disrespectful behavior in school and a lack of community within Bermuda’s society. Privileged as my upbringing may seem to be to those looking from the outside in, one thing I did cherish about my childhood was the fact that I could leave a window open, a door unlocked, walk the street to the grocery store and did now have to worry about adversity or turmoil in doing so. Today, to leave a window open for fresh air is a calling card to a thief saying “Yes come rob me, I would love for you to take my belongings.” Okay, it may not sound like that – that’s the Posh Terri version – but you catch my drift, I’m sure.

On an island that was once so peaceful and saw very few robberies, little to no murders in a 5-year span historically, to the present when there is a young man murdered at least once a year and if they are feeling really brave there are sprees of murders, home invasions and evasion, along with assaults on locals and tourists alike. The increase in violent behavior may have a correlation and potential casual effect on the madness that is occurring in the classrooms of Bermuda, but we can revisit this issue later.

With all of this being said. Some of you may be saying to yourself “Terri, that doesn’t seem too bad,” and you may be right relative to where you come from. But for me, it is disheartening, sincerely upsets and makes me want to take on everyone who said to me that I could be the first Prime Minister of Bermuda – if it is Jah’s plan than so be it. I truly have an issue with the state of my country and that of the world.

I had the pleasure of hearing Nobel Peace Prize Recipient – Mohammad Yunus speak in April of this year, 2012, and there was one thing that he said that has resonated with me ever since. That was, if you see a problem that is too large for you to fix all at once – isolate a smaller issue and work to solve that. Before you know it, you will be solving more of the bigger problem until it has been resolved completely. So I say to you, this post is not me sharing random feelings for the sake of typing a meaningful blog. I sincerely am working on a project that will address the issues I have with my country and will be my first step in the overall plan to help my island home.

From there, I don’t know what I’ll take on next. But I’m sure Jah will reveal it to me when he is ready. I challenge you, if you’re Bermudian do not take what I have posted here lightly. Whether you agree or disagree, if you feel there is something else more pressing of an issue DO SOMETHING! Cliche as this quote is, it is ever relevant “be the change you wish to see in the world.” As a recent graduate from Spelman College, I know all too well the pledge I made when I decided to apply and ultimately attend this illustrious institution; I made a choice to change the world and no matter how small it may be, a ripple eventually expands to a size far greater than the initial drop created.

If you’re from a country other than Bermuda and notice things in your country that you want changed, I challenge you too, DO SOMETHING! Sitting around complaining won’t solve the problem it will only be an addition. Waiting for those in charge to do something may take too long. My mum always tells me, stop putting off until tomorrow what you know you can do today. So that is my charge to anyone who is reading this post. STOP waiting for something amazing to happen and make it happen! I shall leave you with a quote or two to inspire you to do so…

Change your thoughts and you change your world.” – Norman Vincent Peale | “Enthusiasm moves the world.” – Arthur Balfour | “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Until next time … Namaste!

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Country Pride. Probably one of the newer concepts learned by some Bermudians, recently. Not that folks were not happy to be from Bermuda because she is an island like no other. But I know personally, there was nothing about Bermuda besides her landscape and scenery that even remotely ignited any type of passion in my spirit. For me, as a young girl I was so caught up in the hype of life overseas in America. It was all so glamourous, there was so much opportunity for personal growth and professionally anything was possible – the American Dream. I’m sure I wasn’t the only Bermudian who didn’t have much pride in his/her country. But there comes a time in one’s life when change occurs and your spirit grows to a new overstanding of life. It occurred for me just before I matriculated into Spelman College. I realized that I was about to be on my own for about 3 months and I would have to make certain decisions based on where I came from. I knew people would judge me based on where I came from, so my decisions would have a different reaction being from an island than being from the US. Not that I was ashamed of being from Bermuda, I just realized that if I am not proud of the place that afforded me all the opportunities I have thus far – why should I have been given life in the first place?

Sounds kind of extreme but that’s exactly how I felt. Sure Bermuda isn’t as big as Jamaica, nor do we have a resort such as the Atlantis in the Bahamas. But we are a prideful bunch nonetheless, with what we do have. We have some of the most brilliant minds on the planet. I have been privy to conversations with the future doctors, politicians, coaches, and teachers of my country sitting on the Courtyard of the new Berkeley Institute campus plotting our Senior skip day, which never happened and have laughed about the funny moments in Mr. Laylor’s mathematics class with my fellow classmates. I have seen music artists, DJs, and radio personalities take their careers from “Who does he/she think she is” to “That’s my girl/boy right there, I love her/him”. There are doubters no matter which country you are from, people can generally be skeptical if something has never been done before. I have been included in that group at one point in my life.

Now that I find myself trying to navigate my career, doing some things that are not particularly “money earning” for myself – I am passionate about what I am doing. That is something I can relate to with the young boy or girl trying to rap or sing back home. To the young girl or guy doing fashion shows to practice their walk. To the DJ hustling at Bermuda College parties, playing for free just trying to get his name out there. I’ve been one of those people at some point in my life and I am currently trying to develop my brand as a Radio Personality/Music Fanatic here in Atlanta. I am proud to support #teamBDA in any way that I can.

This post was inspired by a story featured on Bernews.com – many Bermudians overseas go to Bernews for their updates on violence or crime on the island because Bernews STAYS on top of the mix. However, the particular story I am referring to featured Bermudian Model – Lillian Lightbourn (@LillyLightbourn)- who is following her dream, her passion and mastering her modeling skills in New York City. Lillian was recently featured in Elle Magazine’s June edition as a photo of her appeared from New York’s Fashion Week. Knowing Lillian from our Berkeley days and modeling while back home in Bermuda, I am EXTREMELY proud of her. She is one of many Bermudians following their dreams; hometown hero Collie Buddz would be the most recognizable public figure. But there are so many more, I will attempt to name them all and list their twitter/facebook fan pages if I can. Please make sure you follow this friends/colleagues of mines and continue to support #teamBDA, whether you are Bermudian or not!

DJ Genie. DJ Rusty G. Vybz Alliance. Twin Starr. Propa. Rian Williams. Shiona Turini. Shaq Durham. Jelani Simmons. Derek Simmons. Amon Butler. Mz Malz. Imega. etc.

I’m sure there are a SLEW of other folks that I could have listed, to whom I apologize, I can only remember so many people when I’m blogging. LOL. But if there is someone you feel is doing something positive back home or overseas in ANY form: be it music, fashion, sports, academics – do let me know. I will most definitely work on something much bigger than this post to get the word out and bring light to those Bermudians who are doing amazing things on the rock and abroad!

Until next time…

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By Way of the Spelman Walk

If you are a personal friend of mines or an online associate, you should be aware that I recently graduated from Spelman College with my BA in Economics. There were so many things that were running through my mind during the last few days leading up to the 125th Commencement Ceremony for Spelman. As the Senior weekend began with Class Day on May 18th, 2012 – it became very real that all the hard work put forth by myself and my Spelman Sisters was about to pay off with the receipt of our diplomas. Almost every student obtaining formal education at some point in their life dreams of the next step, post secondary education. Personally, I’ve had the goal of receiving my Bachelor degree since I was a wee-baby Seamus! (LOL. Okay that was my comedic moment courteous of obsession with a TV show entitled Archer.) But seriously, I know that there are others out there who have been dreaming about gaining a higher education and receiving a degree. If you are one of those folks, who hasn’t obtained it yet, cannot come up with the finances to do so, or are just not motivated to get it – I suggest to make it happen! Life is too short to live thinking about what you could have done with your life or contemplating over what you didn’t do.

There is so much that I am grateful to Spelman College for; the greatest thing Spelman has given me is a group of life long friends. Some of those friends are Spelmanites – my age, younger or older than I, while other are Morehouse Men, Clark Atlanta Sister and Brothers, and some I have met while navigating through the Reggae scene here in Atlanta. One thing is certain, with those people I had the opportunity to meet here in Atlanta, I have found what it truly means to have a network of people with skill sets that will allow each and every one of us to succeed in whatever it is we wish to achieve.

While at Spelman, I was able to serve within various student organizations, mingle with fellow Economics majors and scholars and obtain an Internship at a Caribbean Radio Station – all of which have allowed me to master skills that I were innate to me while also learning and developing new skills. I would not trade anything for my journey by way of the Spelman Walk. Not all who apply are allowed admittance into the Illustrious Institution which I now call my Alma Mater but I am SO glad the administration at Spelman granted me admission.

Many are called to service but not all are able to complete what it is they are asked. I personally am not exactly sure what my purpose is to fulfill on this earth but I do know that my Jah has a greater plan for my life than I can ever imagine. Some go through life not knowing certain truths about their life or the lives of those whom they love. I hope I am not one of those people, I pray that I will know the truth behind my existence so that I may pass on my positivity to another person so that change can be made on this world.

Spelman College is much more than an Institution that nurtures the future Degree holding Women of the 21st Century but she gives birth and raises multiple generations of Women leaders who will evoke radical yet necessary change in a world that does not want to face it’s own reality – something must truly give way if anything is to be accomplished in this world. Whether you are a current Spelmanite or a Spelman Alumna, whether you do/did not attend Spelman College, or whether you have never attended a post-secondary institution, there is one thing we have in common – if you have faith in Jah your choice to change the world is simply your acceptance in his presence.

Until next time

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So. I am in the LAST days of my Spelman College experience, I have matriculated for 2 and a half years and I am proud to say that I will be graduating from this illustrious institution on May 20, 2012! It’s been an interesting experience to say the least. I have met some amazing, beautiful and extremely intelligent woman throughout my days here. I am proud to call them my Spelman Sisters beyond the Gates, I trust that Jah will guide us on our individual paths but that we will always remain close friends throughout our lives’ next journeys. Before exam week got into full swing, it was PROBATE season in the AUC and I have seen countless tweets referencing line numbers for various fraternities/sororities in these last few days of my undergraduate college experience. At first I was clueless as to what was going on; I had no idea that these probates were happening this semester then all of sudden Twitter was bombarded by the tweets.

Now I’m not Greek nor am I against Greek life, so this post is not going to be a play by play of probate season in the AUC. However, I do plan to talk about a fraternity that I am member of; that is the Dancehall Fraternity. If  you’ve followed the dancehall movement for sometime, you would have heard various artistes and some sound bwoys reference being in the dancehall fraternity. In essence it’s a social group for those folks who promote the dancehall music movement. It is rooted in the heart of Caribbean culture. Now, the members are not called ‘sorors’ or ‘bruhs’ but the sisterhood and brotherhood that exist is a very real one.

Most DJs/Selectahs in the Caribbean music industry, have been so for many years or were influenced by some of the worlds oldest and greatest sound systems such as Duke Reid’s the Trojan and Clement Dodd’s Sir Coxsone Downbeat. It was these two pioneers, that I am dubbing ‘the Fathers of SS’, who started the movement that would foster a slew of followers and supporters worldwide. Since the beginning of reggae music in the 1950s, there have been many great artistes creating music, many DJs toasting over the mic getting the crowd excited to hear those tunes, many selectahs choosing what tunes will buss in the dancehall, and still many promoters pushing the music domestically and internationally.

I came to Atlanta in January of 2010, as a student of Spelman College and I longed to find reggae music within the city. I looked for places that played reggae music exclusively but living on campus posed a unique issue, most of my classmates were Americans who hardly ever listened to any music from the Caribbean unless it made its way onto the American mainstream music scene. As a result I totally immersed myself in keeping up to date with what music was being released in the Caribbean – if there was a new riddim, single or a new deejay/singjay to look out for – I had that information. By the time I moved off campus in the Fall of 2010, my wish to find a reggae spot had come true. I attended a hiphop versus reggae party hosted by a promotions group in the AUC, I was apprehensive at first but I literally was craving a good dancehall party so I convinced my friends to go out that night. It was from that evening when I entered the Atlanta dancehall music scene and I have never looked back since…

I’ve met many people who are currently in the Atlanta dancehall/reggae music scene and I’ve met some who were once in the Atlanta scene but who have made moves into other cities and some even international. The one thing I can say about this ‘fraternity’ is that if you have a true passion and a true love for this culture, you will fit perfectly! Many times people try to join a social group because they think that all the cool kids are doing it or have done it. Those are the same people who have no clue as to what exactly it is those ‘cool kids’ have that makes them a true member of the movement. There is nothing wrong with being a fan of the musical movement, however! That’s exactly how I started out – before 2010 I was a serious fan of Caribbean music. I had the music, knew the lyrics, partied at sessions with my friends but that’s as far as I got. I’ve wanted to be a selectah since 2008 but nervous energy played a part in me not pursuing that dream. However, in 2012 I’ve shed those fears and I am doing exactly what I want to do to support a genre and a culture that I TRULY LOVE.

I hope that as you read this post you got an understanding of how close the Caribbean community Caribbean citizens is. If you are Caribbean, the goal of this posts was to touch on the most important points that support our movement and in the event that I didn’t feel free to comment and let me know!

ONE LOVE MASSIVE. Until next time…


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