Toolkit for a Digital Nomad or Freelancer

As a part-time blogger, freelancer, and technology junkie I have learned that YOU NEED A TOOLKIT. We are a society that relies on technology to have a productive day. Circa 2001, I became addicted to ALL things tech! That is when I took my first business and computer science classes in middle school.

One thing I love about technology is that it helps me be more productive with my time and energy. I no longer have to manually do certain things (if I don’t want to) to get the job done.

As a digital nomad/freelancer on the side, building my toolkit was essential. I found that creating a library of my resources keeps me updated on what I have used in the past and why. It also helps me to track what I would like to try in the future.

You are here because you too have a desire to be more productive.

  • Digital nomad
  • Freelancer
  • Content Creator
  • Entrepreneur
  • 9-5 Professional

Whatever brought you here, I am happy to help you on your journey. Please know that I may not have tried all these tools myself. Where applicable I will provide my personal insight on a tool that I have used. For those that I have not used, I will provide the official description by the developers. If you would like to learn my opinion on any of the resources listed, please email me misstkms[at]gmail[dot]com

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