Every Music Lover Should Listen to These Songs on Spotify in 2018

Every Music Lover Should Listen to These Songs on Spotify in 2018

Happy New Year! I am super pumped to take on 2018. With the changes that have been going on in my life over the past three (3) months. The new year could not have come any sooner for me! One of my favourite ways to conquer a new year is with new music on Spotify.

As you may recall from my end of year music post, I love Spotify! The online streaming application gives me access to an extensive library of songs. One that a music lover like me dreamt of having at her disposable back in the day. The advanced and innovative technology made available to us millennials is inspiring.

Every year I create a playlist to store the new songs I find throughout the year. I call it my “XXXX Discoveries” list where XXXX is the current year. Last year, I create a playlist and shared it with my girlfriends. As they always ask me what the last songs are. With my hectic schedule and forgetful brain, I would forget to send them the newest music.

Thanks to Spotify,

  • I can create a playlist,
  • Get the embed code or URL and
  • Share it with whoever wants to enjoy great music!

Since I have gotten better with the consistency of my blogging. I decided it was time for me to do what I planned when I created these playlists. That is, to share it with my blog readers.

Here’s The Playlist

If you are a subscriber to Spotify, whether free or premium. Once you log in to your account, all you need to do is click on the “Follow” underneath the playlist cover image. If you are not a member of the Spotify Music Community (I made that up for this post, LOL), please join TODAY! This application is one of my go-to apps as a music lover.

Don’t want to sign up for this awesome music streaming application? That’s fine! Bookmark this webpage and listen to the playlist directly here on my blog.

What Can You Expect from This Playlist?

Every week I will be adding new songs to my 2018 Discoveries playlist. These songs will cross various genres. The most popular ones will be:

  • Christian Contemporary
  • Reggae
  • Dancehall
  • R&B

On occasion you will see songs that are from the following genres as well:

  • Soca
  • Pop/Dance
  • Hip Hop

If you love music a fraction of how much I do, you will enjoy this playlist. You can spend hours on end trying to find the hottest music to listen to in 2018.


You can follow my playlist. Discover the hottest records for 2018. Be introduced to some new sounds as well.

Every Music Lover Should Listen to These Songs on Spotify in 2018

Please take a moment to share this blog post with another music lover via social media or email. It will help during those conversations when a friend asks if you know that song. That same friend starts to sing the song and you have NO CLUE what song he/she is referring to. Then you hear the song later and think, “This is the song he/she was talking about.”

Let’s save our friend’s faces in 2018! Let’s all get on the same musical note and share good vibes!

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