A Year of Journaling: Entry 004

Celebrate: Running My First 5K Was Great. Being Healthy is Awesome!

Ok. So I am back with the fourth entry into my Year of Journaling series! I took the last 3 days off. This was not by design or intention. I wanted to journal daily. So, I celebrate being able to consistently do it for the first 3 days.

But this past weekend, my body and mind had a different idea. Although, I am still in the beginning stages of my journaling journey. Hello, alliteration, LOL. I am obsessed with self-care and self-love this year. So, when myself said, “let’s relax this weekend.” I listened to Her.

With that bit of background information done, let’s jump into today’s entry!

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A Year of Journaling: Entry 003

Happy: It's The Small Things That Bring Us The Most Joy

Ha! We’re here for Day 3 of my Year of Journaling series! I am happy with my consistency thus far! This one is actually my favourite by far. I’ll give you a little background so you understand what I am talking about.

As an intellectual being. Seeking new information, daily. I value depth. I’m not a fan of superficial conversations. Friendships and relationships that lack change are difficult for me to stay in. For all my soul searching and seeking actions, I am the exact opposite at times.

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A Year Of Journaling: Entry 001

A Year Of Journaling (2017): Entry 001

There are countless resources online that promote the benefits of journaling. To be quite honest, that is something I have known since I was a teenager. But some decisions to “fit in” caused me to stop keeping a journal. Not that anyone needed to know I kept a journal. It was more of a thing of negative self-talk.

The end of 2016 into the beginning of 2017 saw my greatest mindset shift to date! I came across this blog post via Pinterest and noticed it was a Blog Lovin’ link.

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