June 2016 Social Media Stats

June 2016 Social Media Stats

June 2016 was my birth month! And it was interesting to say the least. Of course, celebrating another year of life is amazing. But I also learned some hard truths about life. I also got clear on what it is I want for myself during the rest of 2016.

You should know that I am addicted to social media. I manage client accounts and help brands build their online communities and tribes. I am a social media power user who is on a quest to become a thought leader in that space.

The only way I can hold my clients and myself accountable is by reporting the stats each month! For clients I do a report, for myself I figured a blog post would suffice.

If you would like to work with me for a collab, a brand sponsorship project, or have a general business inquiry. Please email me via misstkms[at]gmail[dot]com.

It is my goal for these stats to help you get a better understand of the reach I current have. As well as see the potential growth I am able to achieve!

Twitter Monthly Report

  • Follower Growth = 40
  • Tweet Impressions = 68.1K
  • Profile Visits = 1,137
  • Mentions = 132
  • Tweets Linking to Me = 34

Instagram Monthly Report

  • Follower Growth = 15
  • Likes Received = 950
  • Comments Received = 131
  • Total Media Posted = 10
  • Average Like/Post = 95
  • Average Comment/Post = 13.1

YouTube Monthly Report

  • Follower Growth = -2
  • Video Views = 573
  • Likes Received = 5
  • Comments Received = 2
  • Total Minutes Watched: 1,066
  • Average Watch Time: 1:51

June 2016 Social Media Stats

Terri is a writer by birth, at heart, and by talent. She is a kool millennial Caribbean blogger from Bermuda who loves social media as much as she loves chocolate. Terri has had an entrepreneur’s spirit since she was a young girl. She promised herself that she would create a lifestyle that she was not only proud to share with others, but one that she was ultimately happy to live. While living in Atlanta for the past 5 years, Terri she had the opportunity to have partnered with, contributed to, and created with various Caribbean inspired brands to include, but are not limited to the following: DaFlavaRadio, United Trends, RepJA, and IGLOO Atlanta.

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