What Growth Did I See on Social Media in September 2016?

What Growth Did I See on Social Media in September 2016?

Before reviewing my statistics for September 2016. I believed there was little growth in my social media accounts. As a social media addict. I spend a lot of time on various platforms. Trying to figure out what works for my personal brand. As well as a few hobby accounts I have created.

The truth of the matter is. Everyday social media platforms are changing. Implementing a lot of different strategies can become tiresome. Tracking those strategies becomes daunting.

Which leads me to ask myself the question, why are social media stats even important?

Just like any goal. Social media growth is relevant to track. Particularly for me because I am trying to reach a certain level of engagement. I am also trying to convert my followers on social media to email list subscribers.

So as a result, I have found it useful to report my social media statistics. If for no other reason than to show my readers what growth is possible. To encourage others not to give up on their social media goals.

Let’s dive right into my numbers and what they mean to my social media goals:

My top performing platform was Twitter. This is consistent for me. I actually prefer the Twitter platform over Instagram and YouTube. Scheduling content to post on Twitter is much easier using Social Oomph.

This gives me the opportunity to forget about my posts in a sense. Allowing me to be present on the platform when I can. Instagram and YouTube are challenging for me as far as community engagement. This I believe is because I have shifted my energy and focus on to building my Twitter community.

Below are my growth stats on Twitter in comparison to August 2016:

What Growth Did I See on Social Media in September 2016?

Last month I had a personal battle with thoughts of depression and extreme sadness. As a result, I was not feeling personal visual content. Which in turn caused my Instagram account to suffer. While I did see growth in areas of engagement, my follower count did not grow as I would have liked. In October, I am hopeful to get closer to my goals.

Below are my Instagram stats in comparison to my August numbers:

What Growth Did I See on Social Media in September 2016?

While I did make a pledge to myself to create more content for YouTube. My numbers did not grow as high last month. One reason might be because my subscribers have not seen new content from me in over 2 years!

I am confident by the end of this year I will see positive growth in all of the metrics below. Thus allowing me to go in 2017 with a new sense of confidence in this social media platform.

Below are my numbers for YouTube in comparison to August 2016:

What Growth Did I See on Social Media in September 2016?

I am currently shifting my mindset back towards positive thinking. I know that when I am more positive about my life, I am able to see growth in it. That is in all aspects of my life offline and online.

I am a work in progress when it comes to my social media. I hope to encourage others like myself to continue to track their metrics. Share your goals with yourself, an accountability partner or your blog readers like me!

The main focus is to get your goals out of your head and onto something more concrete. That way you have something to work towards!

Here’s to a better report for October 2016!

What Growth Did I See on Social Media in September 2016?

Terri is a writer by birth, at heart, and by talent. She is a kool millennial Caribbean blogger from Bermuda who loves social media as much as she loves chocolate. Terri has had an entrepreneur’s spirit since she was a young girl. She promised herself that she would create a lifestyle that she was not only proud to share with others, but one that she was ultimately happy to live. While living in Atlanta for the past 5 years, Terri she had the opportunity to have partnered with, contributed to, and created with various Caribbean inspired brands to include, but are not limited to the following: DaFlavaRadio, United Trends, RepJA, and IGLOO Atlanta.

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